Syllabus Generation

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Syllabus Generation

Syllabi are incredibly important at the beginning of the year as they set expectations, course objectives, explain grades, and other course details. Without a syllabus, a course may not be structured correctly. With tools such as the Syllabus Generator in eCurriculum, syllabi can be generated efficiently and correctly.

Kicking off the first week of a semester, syllabus week is extremely informative for students. Syllabi detail information regarding instructor information, reading material and supplies, policies, and the class schedule. Without these “instructions,” faculty may not accurately convey their expectations and objectives.

When creating a syllabus, it is necessary to make an impression on students. It generally sets the tone for the rest of the semester and lets students know what they need to accomplish in order to get a good grade. It is also a small way to bring the students and faculty members back together after an academic break.

In order to write a good syllabus, including why a student should take a specific course is important. Giving a detailed description of the course objectives and why it is organized a certain way is also beneficial for the students. The syllabus should outline the purpose of the listed assignments, when and where exams are, and why the students need specific books. With a solid course structure, students are more likely to graduate on time and in good standing.

The overall three goals of a syllabus includes creating a plan and contract between the students and faculty member(s). The second goal is to have a communication tool set up. Communication works better when there is a predetermined communicative plan/pattern between the faculty member(s) and students. The third and final goal is to set up a learning tool. Whether this be a book, access to notes and lectures, or videos, the learning tool is to aid the student in achieving course success. 

A syllabus truly paves the way for a specified course. With syllabus tools, like the eCurriculum Syllabus Generator feature, building syllabi becomes increasingly easy. The Syllabus Generator system generates syllabi containing alignment objectives, and sessions directly from the system. 

Once that template is created, it is incredibly easy to mass produce the course syllabi. The program’s information is gathered from eCurriculum regarding competencies, allotted time, course objectives, and imported in. Easy and efficient, eCurriculum’s Syllabus Generator sets the tone and objectives for students.