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Aligning Standards

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According to a statement made by the Physician Assistant Program Director, Vicki Chan-Padgett, on Touro’s Physician Assistant Program’s website: “The School of Physician Assistant Studies at Touro University Nevada has a unique opportunity to impact not only the surrounding community, but the entire state of Nevada. While the program’s goal is to educate and train competent caring physician assistants, the program also touches the surrounding medical, social, and educational environment. Nevada is no stranger to PAs and the presence of a program further reinforces the value of the profession. The program does not take its mission lightly. Nevada is a culturally diverse state with a number of rural and community health care clinics that administer to the vulnerable and medically underserved. We have been able to partner with these clinics to complete a well-rounded exposure of medicine to the student in a very needy state.”

The Challenge

As Touro University’s Physician Assistant Program grew, it began to recognize the need for a better way to track where and how the ARC Standards, Medical Topics, and Competencies were getting covered in their curriculum. Brian Sady, an Associate Professor within the program, drove this initiative and reached out to AllofE. Mr. Sady quickly discovered that AllofE offered not just a single type of software, but a full suite of systems to help Physician Assistant programs centralize their mapping, testing and clinical tracking. He “liked how all three solutions could be integrated together, that this was a portal system.

The Solution

When Brian Sady approached AllofE and explained his needs in the areas of curriculum mapping, test creation and administration, and clinical experience tracking, we were quickly able to establish that our eMedley suite would be a great fit for Touro Nevada. We worked closely with Mr. Sady to establish a timeline and a format in which to build and implement eCurriculum, ExamN and eCLAS, and were thrilled with his enthusiasm for keeping the project on track. According to Mr. Sady, “[AllofE] had all three solutions operational with faculty training and implementation finished in 90 days” – an almost unheard-of timeline for implementing three enterprise-level systems.



The Effect

The program soon had a centralized health science administration solution, allowing them to access and control their curriculum, testing, and experiential tracking, all in one place.

eCLAS tracks students’ experiences at both internal and external clinical sites and allows them to easily log detailed information related to patient encounters and cases, time spent, procedures performed, competencies mastered, and more.

eCurriculum allowed the PA Program to tie its curriculum to the ARC-PA standards, as well as a number of other standards they wanted to track, allowing them to run reports to find gaps and redundancies within their curriculum.  Combined with ExamN test performance analysis, they are also able to identify areas where students were struggling and make adjustments accordingly.

Moving Forward

After the successful implementation of eCurriculumeCLAS, and ExamN, Touro University decided to add eKeeper, eValuate, and eduSched to their implementation.

“AllofE had all three solutions operational with faculty training and implementation finished in 90 days”

-Mr. Brian Sady, Associate Professor

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