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University of Cincinnati College of Nursing


The University of Cincinnati College of Nursing, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, is ranked very highly among nursing schools across the nation. It has been ranked on several different occasions in the U.S. News and World Report for their undergraduate, graduate, and online programs. UC is committed to promoting educational excellence to all students in all types of settings. With many changes over the last year, the program has made flexibility a huge priority in their curriculum. The supporting principals that UC finds most important include positive student experiences, maintaining their standard of excellence, and the continuity of teaching and learning.   The University of Cincinnati invented cooperative education more than 100 years ago, and continues to be a leading university.

The Challenge

The College of Nursing was searching for a comprehensive software solution to address various complex needs in the areas of patient encounter tracking, scheduling, evaluating and documentation management. The University was looking for a system with comprehensive and complex functionality that was also extremely user friendly.

The Solution: Implementing eValuate

After an extensive search, UC selected eMedley as it most closely aligns with the program’s needs. Moreover, eMedley offered the greatest potential for customization and scalability. The documentation management (eKeeper), scheduling (eduSched), patient encounter tracking (eCLAS), and evaluations (eValuate) modules of Emedley were implemented. 

eKeeper was implemented to be a secure and centralized documentation management interface for the program. UC uses eKeeper to input all types of student information. The second important aspect of eKeeper for the program was the management of clinical site and preceptor information. eKeeper was implemented to help track site affiliation agreements, preceptor licenses, and credentials as required for accreditation.

eduSched was implemented to help schedule and track clinical rotations. Faculty and administrators now have a streamlined interface to create, manage and view students schedules on a schedule planner interface. Students can input preceptor requests in this interface, and instructors have the ability to approve or deny their request in real time. The program is able to easily track the number of slots for sites or preceptors that are available during a specific rotation and time period. eduSched was customized for UC to include the addition of special requests and custom forms for preceptor enrollment. 

eCLAS was implemented to track case and time logs for students. UC students are now able to log time spent at clinicals, time with patients, patients demographics, clinical information, and more. The University’s faculty, instructors, and preceptors are all able to see when their students log in and out of their clinicals in real time. With the information logged in eCLAS, instructors can run reports that show the amount and time and experience each student is getting in each of their clinical rotations. 

eValuate was implemented so that UC could easily conduct evaluations for students, preceptors, and faculty. UC is also now able to automatically send out evaluations and reminders based on the clinical schedule dates. eValuate also offers grading rubrics and linked evaluation functionality to do more in-depth performance analysis.

Customizing the Solution

With each eMedley implementation, AllofE is able to cater to unique and specific needs by implementing custom functionality.  The eMedley team worked with UC to implement unique scheduling rules and build several custom reports:

  • Create a preceptor application and enrollment form that is configured to the specific program, which also includes their university brand.
  • Add highly advanced filter types to student, faculty, and preceptor information for tracking specific information.
  • Customize evaluation linking functionality to easily access and see related midterm, final, and self evaluations.


As the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing continues to educate well-rounded nursing students held to a standard of excellence, AllofE and UC look forward to continuing their partnership to support their education program needs with eMedley.

To learn more about eMedley, call 785-832-2900 or sign up for a demo.