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eMedley provides Dental Schools with everything needed for a Competency Driven curriculum, assessment, and performance tracking model.
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eMedley’s curriculum and performance systems provide a clear and comprehensive picture of what students learned in the classroom, how effective that learning was, knowledge based performance on tests tied to the curriculum, and application based performance on competency driven assessments tied to the curriculum.

Meet Technology.

Administer competency based assessments and OSCE’s, identify gaps and overlaps, re-mediate, and track student performance and mastery of each competency to help prepare students to achieve high pass rates on the National Board Dental Examination.


Automatic Notifications

Let the system tell you when evaluations are due, immunizations expire, preceptor licenses expire, affiliations need updated, and data uploads are complete.

Custom Functionality

eMedley modules can be customized to include university specific goals, learning objectives and data requirements to meet your unique and specific needs.

Hour Tracking

Allocate hours to each course and type of instruction.  Then run reports to see how much time is allocated across the curriculum. 

Immunizations and Certifications

Track the immunization and certification records for students based on site or agency requirements.

Student Portfolio

Students need a comprehensive portfolio to showcase their education and experience. eMedley’s portfolio builder helps them to easily create an attractive and robust web-based portfolio.

Preloaded Standards and Codes

 Diagnoses, procedures, CODA Standards, Foundation Knowledge, Instruction Methods, Assessment Methods, and custom program standards and objectives preloaded in.

Secure Student Testing

Create exams with effective questions and content mapping in mere minutes. ExamN provides a secure and easy to use environment for creating, scheduling, administering and grading exams.

Mail Merge

Create both scheduled and regular mail merge emails with contact information from all types of contacts (students, faculty, preceptors, site administrators) into the e-Mail Merge module with built-in mail templates for. 

Curriculum Mapping

Let the system do the tracking for CODA Standards, Foundation Knowledge, Instruction Methods, Assessment Methods, and Program Objectives.

Documentation Management

Tired of sifting through file cabinets? Store and manage all documents in a secure online system accessible on the cloud at any time and any location.

Reflection Essays

Module that allows students to submit Reflection Essays online and the instructor to grade them using a customizable grading rubric.

Approval Processing

Built in approval and review processes for assignments, reflection essays, case logs, time logs, evaluations, and assessments.




Track the placement of students at community based sites with built in tools for capacity tracking, schedule planning, and an interactive map.


Student Documentation

Ensure that students have all documentation, certifications, and training required before sending them out into the community.


Clinical Site and Preceptor Management

Manage and track information on clinical sites, preceptors, demographics, and documentation requirements.


Procedure Reports

Students log procedures performed, patient demographics, diagnosis encountered, competencies, and more.



Automatically send performance based evaluations and reminders to preceptors and students driven by the clinical schedule dates.

Case Studies

Our clients are the most important part of our team. They’re the only yardstick that matters for measuring the quality of our products.

Competency-Based Education

eMedley’s Curriculum and Performance suite encompasses 3 key components of curriculum and instruction to support Competency Based Education: Curriculum Mapping, Knowledge Based Testing, and Performance Based Evaluations to provide a comprehensive picture of competency driven teaching and learning.

Mac Scheduling

Competency Mapping

Map courses, course objectives and outcomes, test questions, and evaluation rubric criteria to specific CODA standards or Program Competencies.

Performance Reporting

Generate curriculum and assessment reports that aggregate performance data tied back to competencies across multiple assessment instruments.

Flexible Automated Scheduling

Customized Rules

Send us your rules such as providing timely patient care, balanced withdrawal from student groups, equal experience between students, required time off, and more.

Optimized Scheduling

We will use custom scheduling algorithms to generate optimized schedules for each student cohort (D2, D3, D4) based on defined parameters, rules, rotation availability, etc. Learn More

Mac SOAP Notes

Dental scheduling involve a lot of complexity. Schedule rules like morning and afternoon availability, the equal experience between students, clinic schedules, and group assignment make generating the schedule even more time consuming. The Automated Scheduling service through eduSched handles all of the nuances of complex scheduling rules, providing rapid results in easy to understand visual representations.