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Enterprise Systems

Health science education functionality such as curriculum management, scheduling, clinical experience tracking, assessments, and evaluations are very multifaceted and Frequently housed in separate systems. This white paper describes a solution to replace disparate systems and manual steps with integration and automation using eMedley by AllofE Solutions.

Student Portfolios

Health science program students collect many documents they will need again and again in the future. These should be kept together in a safe place for easy reference and sharing. This paper describes a process to create online student portfolios, providing students with a comprehensive showcase of their experience, credentials, resume, and more.


Information is only as good as the ability to present it in a readable and informative manner. Within a health science program, information from testing, evaluation, logging, etc. is abundant and demands some representation. This paper explains the connections between graphical information displayed within dashboards and its benefits in creating future growth of both programs and students.

MSPE Letters

Medical School Performance Evaluations require certain data, frequently housed in separate systems. The manual steps required to gather and compile this data into each student’s MSPE to meet the October deadline is a significant challenge for medical schools. This paper describes a process to replace manual steps with integration and automation, allowing medical schools to create their MSPEs efficiently in the short time they have to meet this deadline.

Universal Help

Effective help predicates on the level of detail and efficiency with which the narrative is told. Since help is made with a goal in mind, there is a generally a linear path to be taken to achieve the desired outcome. Unfortunately, this can easily be stymied by multiple systems with individual help systems. This paper will cover what goes into creating a universal help system through industrial design, a plurality of formats, and a cost-benefit analysis.

Automated Proctoring

Traditionally, these exams would be proctored by an on-site faculty or staff member or an off-site, paid proctor, where subjectivity is all too prevalent. Can a proctor actively monitor all 30 students at once, equally, and with 100% vigilance? “Yes” cannot be answered with certainty. This paper discusses how automation can serve as a better alternative in the ever-growing field of proctored exams.

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