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Customized scheduling solutions for health sciences programs.
Automated, path- or preference-based, self-scheduling, schedule planning, calendars, and more.

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eduSched uses advanced and cutting-edge algorithms, processes, and intelligence to generate best-fit schedules amid thousands of determining factors.


Our Schedule Planner interface takes the pain out of planning clinical schedules for cohorts of students and makes it a piece of cake.


Our team has 10+ years of scheduling expertise with higher education programs. eduSched is the accumulation of all those years of experience applied to the health science education sector.


eduSched works together with eMedley’s other solutions so your program can effortless handle documentation requirements and see the full picture of how students, clinical instructors, and sites are performing in clerkships.


Manage every facet of the scheduling process in a single application, from preferences and capacities to mailing and reporting.


eduSched is designed to support all types of scheduling using a modular approach so each program has the functionality they need, with support for custom modules.

Student Preferences

Students can enter preferences for clinical sites and/or preceptors using an interfactive map of available placements.

Scheduling Calendar

Manage daily students schedules in a familiar calendar format, with options to see schedules for a specific student or for an entire cohort.

Student Agenda

Allow students to view their previous, current, and future schedules from within the application and export clinical site and preceptor information.

Preceptor Schedule

Allow preceptors to view their students all in once place and filter down by date, student, and rotation.

Capacity Tracking

Manage and track the number of slots a site or preceptor will take for a specific rotation and given time period. Use this information when scheduling to see which spots are filled or still available.

Capacity Keywords

Specify keywords (i.e. FCFS, nights only) on capacities that can then be searched for by administrators when adding schedules or by students when entering preferences.

Schedule Driven Mail Merge

Send everything from schedule details to personalized thank you letters to preceptors and site contacts where students have been placed using a robust Mail Merge interface.

Ad-Hoc Reporting

Build, print, or export custom reports with schedule, student, preceptor, and clinical site data using a comprehensive, but simple report builder.


Multi Preceptor Rotations

Assign mulitple preceptors to a rotation schedule or allow students to select their scheduled preceptor once they are at the clinical site.

Schedule Gap/Overlap Reporting

Review overlapping rotations and gaps between rotations to verify student schedules.

Region Management

Assign students, clinical sites, and faculty directors to regions to delegate the scheduling responsibilities by geographic location.

Required Rotations

Specify rotations that need to be scheduled during the year for each cohort of students. This functionality works alongside student preferences.

Rotation Prerequisites

Define prerequisite rules for rotations. These rules are enforced when scheduling, but can be overridden by administrators.

Site Agenda

Allow site administrators to view previous, current, and future schedules and view the scheduled students’ documentation.

Schedule Planner

Planning schedules has never been easier


Visualize the schedule placements for a specific cohort, allowing you to quickly see which students and time periods still need to be scheduled. Assign colors to rotations to make them easy to identify.


Track which schedules have been approved by the clinical site and leave notes that can be referenced later.


Publish schedules when they are finalized to make them visible to the assigned student and preceptor.


Pull up student, preceptor, and clinical site data without having to leave the interface. Handily view basic contact information at a glance.

Take the grunt work out of scheduling

Preference-Based Scheduling

Automatically place students in schedules based on their preferences for the time period, site, preceptor, and the available capacities.

Path-Based Scheduling

Define the possible rotation paths and capacities, have students set their preferences, and eduSched will automatically place students in the best path.

Student Self-Scheduling

Allow students to schedule themselves in only time periods, rotations, and with clinical sites/preceptors that have available capacity.

Schedule Requests

Allow students to find the preceptor and clinical site they wish to be scheduled with themselves and submit requests to be approved by an administrator.

Optimized Scheduling

Our Optimized Scheduling service is built specifically to help health science education programs schedule rotations with intricate rules.

Schedule Paths
eduSched Intergration Colors

Get the most out of your schedules


Track your clinical rotations as courses and map them to objectives and standards.
Click here to learn more about eCurriculum.


Allow students to share documentation with clinical sites and preceptors they are scheduled with. Allow clinical sites to specify documentation that students need to provide if they are scheduled.
Click here to learn more about eKeeper.


Assign evaluations to the published schedules for a specific class and period. Report on completed evaluations and filter by period, student, preceptor, and site.
Click here to learn more about eValuate.


Streamline the clinical tracking process by automatically populating period, rotation, clinical site, and preceptor in student case logs based on their current schedule.
Click here to learn more about eCLAS.

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