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Streamline MSPE generation
Automate the MSPE generation process to quickly and easily create MSPEs for an entire cohort of students.

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The Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) is an indispensable tool for communicating an objective summary of student performance and experience to residency program directors. However, gathering all of the relevant data for the recommended templates through manual and traditional processes can consume a lot of time and effort.

Meet Technology.

Enter the power of eMedley’s MSPE Generator. Never has it been simpler to generate personalized, comprehensive, and graphical MSPEs for an entire cohort of students. Start with a recommended template or customize your layout to meet your specific needs.


Noteworthy Characteristics

Allow learners to enter noteworthy characteristics which then faculty will review and include in the final MSPE.

eMedley Integration

Automatically pull clerkship schedule data and evaluation data into the MSPE with just a couple clicks.

Pre-loaded Defaults

Setup default values to quickly populate sections like identifying information, professional performance, summary, and medical school information.

Dynamic Charts

Each time you generate the MSPE for a student their charts will automatically include the data from the other students in their cohort.


Use placeholders like student name and graduation year to personalize sections of default content.

Draft Mode

Generate a draft MSPE which can be sent to others for review or approval.

Automatic Format

eMedley provides a default template which follows the AAMC MSPE Task Force Recommendations.

Signature and Logo

Upload a logo and signature image to be included in the final MSPE version.


Export the Draft or Final MSPE to a Word format for final adjustments. From there you can publish as a PDF to distribute.


MSPE locked

Lock Form Changes

Lock an MSPE to prevent content updates. Unlock with a single click if you need to make changes.

MSPE Draft


eMedley comes configured with an AAMC recommended layout, but we know you may have attributes, charts, or an entire section unique to your school. Our development team will work with you to customize your MSPE.

MSPE Data Import 1

Data Imports

Our team can configure custom data template files.

This solution is customized per implementation based on the unique needs of each program/University. Our implementation team will work closely with the program to identify the specific requirements to ensure that the configuration of this functionality is as efficient and cost effective as possible.