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Columbia University College of Dental Medicine


Columbia University College of Dental Medicine was founded by Dr. Gies in New York, New York. Established in 1916, the program has made immense strides ever since. With an enrollment of 80 dental students as of 2021, the College of Dental Medicine has made it their goal to support “excellence in opportunities, innovation, methods, evaluation, and quality of its educational program.” The program works perpetually to provide its students with the skills and tools necessary to be successful as oral health care providers.

The Challenge

In 2018, Columbia University College of Dental Medicine was searching for an evaluation system to fit its program needs. The program was looking for a product where it could build and manage evaluation rubrics and forms, run administrative reports, and view evaluation form lists. Once getting in contact with AllofE Solutions, implementing eValuate3 became an ideal solution.

The Solution: Implementing eValuate3

Columbia University College of Dental Medicine customized the eValuate3 application module in eMedley to fit its specific needs. eValuate helps to track student and program performance on various evaluations such as:

  • Students evaluating their experience in the external rotation
  • Students evaluating their specific external site
  • Preceptors evaluating student performance in the external rotation in areas such as: Foundation Knowledge, Professionalism & Leadership Skills, Patient Management, Critical Thinking, Technical Clinical Skills, Self Assessment

eValuate3 was implemented in order to transform the College of Dental Medicine’s evaluation process. Some goals with the implementation of eValuate3 included the ability to track performance levels and save an abundant amount of time. With an incredibly large selection of form types, detailed rubrics, and comprehensive administrative reports, performance levels could easily be tracked between students and faculty members. Some administrative reports the College of Dental Medicine customized were:

  1. Student Evaluation Summary
  2. Student Evaluation Form Details
  3. Student Evaluation Rubric Details
  4. Columbia University School of Dentistry Custom Report

Other aspects Columbia’s College of Dental Medicine wanted in eValuate3 was the ability to enter or select exam outcomes within the evaluation forms. These exam outcomes included:

  1. Summative Exam Final Outcome
  2. Formative Exam Final Outcome
  3. Remediation Recommendation
  4. Remediation comments/outcomes

Aside from administrative reports and exam outcomes, the program was able to save an immense amount of time with the simple evaluation scheduling interface. The scheduling interface gave the school a way to assign evaluation forms to specific people or groups within a couple clicks. The generated reports also saved administrators time by compiling all necessary information they may be searching throughout the report types.

Customizing the Solution

Later on in their partnership, Columbia University College of Dental Medicine worked closely with AllofE to implement custom components to the eValuate3 system. Here are just a few of the developments.

  • Side-by-side Evaluation View: Customized within the reports, administrators were able to view student evaluation forms and faculty evaluation forms of the same kind side-by-side. This gave administrators more insight into student performance level as they can track how the student evaluated themselves and how the faculty member evaluated that said student.
  • Permissions: Allowed students to see their personal assessment completion data as presented in the competency assessment tracking report.
  • Lock Button: Locked the submission button until all areas have been completed within the evaluation form.


As Columbia University College of Dental Medicine continues to educate outstanding oral health providers, AllofE Solutions looks forward to being part of such an extraordinary dental program and supporting their educational needs.