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EPA Management, Tracking and Reporting
Advanced and Intuitive Solutions for real-time assessments of learners in Clinical Settings

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Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) provide a framework of expectations to bridge the gap between medical students and residency training. EPAs are assessed while students are in real-world clinical settings and used by students and administration alike to determine areas of focus.

Meet Technology.

The best way to get accurate and frequent EPA data tied back to students is to make the process easy. With eMedley’s EPAs, the student just hands the phone or tablet to their preceptor. In a few quick taps and a verification signature the EPA is submitted. Administrators then have the data available at a student, EPA, or cohort level.


Multiple Scales

Ability to use multiple supervision scales or edit the scales to fit your needs

Custom EPAs

Add the EPAs or work-based tasks that you want to track

Feedback Tracking

Obtain feedback on the complexity of the case and elements of trust

Offline Capability

Ability to use the App in offline mode so EPAs can be entered in remote settings

Signature Capture

Preceptors can sign using their using finger or stylus


Ability to record/dictate comments—no typing required


Tightly integrated with the eMedley platform. Unified reporting and snapshots.

Multiple Scales

Supports the use of multiple EPA scales such as Chen, Ottawa etc.

Assessment Types

Different assessment formats such as Formative and Summative

Preload Standards

Preloaded Standards and Competency Scales. Intuitive Management Interfaces. 


Ensure that students are qualified for practice with eMedley’s EPA module. Mobile evaluations are quick and easy with powerful reporting.

Step 1: Learner Completes an Activity

When a learner performs and EPA, they should ensure that a preceptor is present to observe the activity.

EPA Performance
EPA Concept Illustration

Step 2: Create a New EPA

When learners complete an activity, they will create a new EPA in the eMedley mobile app and enter information such as the date an activity was completed and the name of their preceptor. 

Step 3: Preceptors Evaluate Learners

Preceptors are asked to rate the learner’s ability to perform the activity and their trustworthiness using a variety of competency scales.

Preceptor Rating
Preceptor Sign Off 1

Step 4: Final Comments

Preceptors can provide feedback, dictate their comments, and sign for approval of the EPA.


EPA Dashboard Graph

Graphical EPA Overview

The optional comprehensive EPA dashboard provides detailed EPA data at a glance.

EPA Dashboard Table

Dashboard Analysis

The Dashboard Analysis shows detailed data about students and their completed EPAs, including scores and scales. 

EPA Ad Hoc 1

Ad-Hoc Reporting

The eMedley EPA Ad-Hoc Report breaks down exportable information pertaining to students, observers, rotations, clinical sites, and more. 

This solution is customized per implementation based on the unique needs of each program/University. Our implementation team will work closely with the program to identify the specific requirements to ensure that the configuration of this functionality is as efficient and cost effective as possible.