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Chiropractic medicine
eMedley is a cloud-based solution suite that helps Chiropractic Programs manage curriculum and clinical education.
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With the goal to constantly improve Chiropractic education, Colleges of Chiropractic must track Meta Competency coverage in the classroom as well as student performance tied back to each competency.


eMedley caters to the specific needs of Chiropractic programs.  It is the most comprehensive system that tracks student learning, clinical experience, and patient assessment.


eMedley is a comprehensive and centralized platform to automate processes for accreditation, case management, evaluation, and more.


Curriculum Mapping

Map course objectives to Meta Competencies, NBCE Content Outline, and Program Goals to track the what, when, and how of course instruction.

Gap and Overlap Analysis

Identify gaps and overlaps in course instruction tied back to domains and standards mapped throughout the curriculum.

Assessment Administration

Manage question banks, tests, and remediation while administering secure tests and tracking student performance tied to specific NBCE and Meta Competencies.


Measure student, faculty, and clinician performance to assess competency, learning experiences, and curriculum effectiveness.

Customized Forms

eClinical tracking forms can be customized to match existing forms for Complex Cases, X-Ray Studies, Patient Care, File Audits, and more.

Automatic Reminders

Keep the program up-to-date on anything that is expiring — affiliation agreement, faculty and instructor licenses, and student documentation –with automated reminders.


 Color-coded schedule planner to easily manage and visualize the clinical scheduling.  Supports student preferences and schedule automation.

Preloaded Standards

Diagnoses, procedures, Meta Competencies, NBCE Content Outline, and Program Goals and Objectives are preloaded in.

Case Management

Track the number of Complex Cases and Patient Care files students have entered.  Allow students to monitor their own progress, too.


Ensure students and faculty are getting the information and announcements needed for success.


Easily track paperwork, documentation, and contacts for students, faculty, instructors, and clinical sites.

Experience Reporting

Generate reports that tally and summarize student logging of cases, patient care, rotation requirements, hours, and more.

Competency-Based Education

eMedley’s Curriculum and Performance suite encompasses 3 key components of curriculum and instruction to support Competency Based Education: Curriculum Mapping, Knowledge Based Testing, and Performance Based Evaluations to provide a comprehensive picture of competency driven teaching and learning.

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Competency Mapping

Map courses, course objectives, test questions, and evaluation rubric criteria to specific Meta Competencies or Program Competencies.

Performance Reporting

Generate curriculum and assessment reports that aggregate performance data tied back to competencies across multiple assessment instruments.

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