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University of Western States 
College of Chiropractic Medicine

Automating a Paper-based Process

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The University of Western States is a private college dedicated to the art of health science. They have about 475 students and are located in Portland, Oregon.

The Challenge

On the curriculum side, Western States wanted to track course related goals and learning objectives tied back to Meta Competencies, Program Objectives, and board exam content. Their faculty needed to be able to run reports on what was being covered, where, and by whom. Not only did they want to track what was getting covered in the curriculum, but also how students were performing based on what they were being taught. Before partnering with AllofE, Western States administered many assessments on paper. They use a mix of assessment methods:  Multiple choice tests, essays, research projects, performance based assessments, evaluations. On the clinical side, Western States struggled with massive amounts of experience related data, competencies, and requirements tracking. They tracked all experience and evaluations on paper and manually tallied all totals in spreadsheets.

The Solution

We implemented the eMedley platform with eCurriculum, ExamN, eCLAS, eValuate, and eKeeper.

The Effect

AllofE preloaded eCurriculum with the desired Meta Competencies, Board Exam Topics, Program Objectives, and Learning Measures so UWS could easily track and generate reports to help identify areas for improvement.

In eCLAS, all paper forms, documents, reports and tallies were configured for easy electronic editing and access. Then, eValuate and ExamN allowed them to administer and analyze evaluations and examinations entirely online.

Moving Forward

With all their paperwork and forms transferred online, the UWS Chiropractic program can now take advantage of the eMedley system’s many reporting and analysis features to further improve their program.

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