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Central Michigan University College of Medicine


The CMU College of Medicine, with campuses located in Mount Pleasant and Saginaw, Michigan, is a regional leader in academic medicine. Founded 10 years ago, the school’s mission is to “educate diverse students and train culturally competent physicians to provide comprehensive health care and services to underserved populations in Michigan and beyond.” In their eight CMU clinical locations, they served over 100,000 patients in the 2019-2020 year. The medical school emphasizes diversity and inclusion in its education practices while also working to improve healthcare in underserved communities in the Great Lakes Bay region.

The Challenge

In 2020, CMU was looking for a comprehensive system that could streamline their administrative tasks. They implemented all seven available modules of eMedley for a fully integrated system that can automatically import data from module to module. They were especially interested in automating their evaluation process during clinical rotations.

The Solution: Implementing eValuate3

CMU College of Medicine 

AllofE Solutions worked with CMU College of Medicine to customize eMedley to suit their individual needs. They implemented eValuate, along with the rest of the eMedley suite, to automate evaluations during clinical rotations.

eValuate not only helps with creating and tracking evaluation forms, but saves faculty an unbelievable amount of time and students a considerable amount of stress. eValuate is able to automatically pull information from eduSched to generate the necessary evaluations. When a student is at a clinical site, therefore, the system automatically pulls up what evaluations need to be completed while they are there without the student inputting any data. Scores from the evaluations are then able to be imported into eduCATE’s gradebook, while the data from eduSched also populates eCLAS so students can track their experiences in clinical rotations. The system also compiles results from multiple forms into a new evaluation form for the clerkship director to review.

Customizing the Solution

In addition to automatically generating the appropriate evaluations when a student is at a clinical site, the eMedley team was able to satisfy CMU’s desire for a more customized solution. To help ensure that preceptor evaluations were easily completed, they requested a QR code system be designed for them. The eMedley team got to work and tailored CMU’s system so that a QR code is automatically sent to the student’s email when they are at the clinical site, and they are then able to have their preceptor scan the code and fill out their evaluation. 

The evaluations for clinical rotations are also highly customized; after the preceptors fill out the dayshift forms, the aggregate information is automatically compiled into one form. Average scores are displayed, and comments from all the daily forms are included. The clerkship director is then able to go in and view and edit this composite form, greatly reducing their workload.


CMU College of Medicine continues to produce culturally-competent, well-trained medical professionals. AllofE Solutions and CMU College of Medicine are both excited to continue their partnership in enhancing the quality and efficiency of education using eMedley.