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eMedley is the most comprehensive platform for health sciences programs. We’ve been serving higher education programs for over 20 years. Our scalable solutions work independently or in conjunction to assist users in mapping and tracking curriculum, monitoring student performance, and managing every aspect of scheduling, documentation, and clinical experience tracking.


eCurriculum allows programs to track the what, when, and how of classroom instruction by providing an accountability system for student learning. It helps identify what is and is not getting covered in the curriculum from the moment students set foot in the classroom. eCurriculum supports your program’s pre-loaded competencies, standards, topics, etc. to map to courses and objectives.


eCLAS streamlines the clinical logging process with features specific to your program. Cloud-based and accessible anywhere, eCLAS puts case logging, time tracking, clinical rotation scheduling, evaluations, and most importantly, incredible dashboards and reports in the hands of students, preceptors, and administrators whenever they need it.


eduSched uses advanced and cutting-edge algorithms, processes, and intelligence to generate best-fit schedules amid thousands of determining factors. eduSched is designed to support all types of scheduling using a modular approach so each program has the functionality they need, with support for custom modules. 


eduCATE is the first modern learning management system designed to satisfy the unique needs of health science programs. The ability to manage courses, student’s didactic performance, and more through a comprehensive application is critical to maintaining programs of all sizes.


eKeeper is a centralized documentation management solution used to track information required for the accreditation process, clinical tracking, or just by the program in general. This includes everything from student, preceptor, and faculty documentation to affiliation agreements with external sites. eKeeper essentially works as a bottomless online file cabinet for all of the documents and files needed by a successful health science program.


eValuate serves as a complete evaluation management and administration system for creating forms and rubrics related to evaluating courses, students, preceptors, clinical sites, instructors, among other custom evaluation types. Assigning and completing evaluations has never been easier.


The culmination of a decade of experience with online testing, examN is an advanced web-based assessment system that is accessible anytime and from anywhere. examN allows faculty members to manage and administer tests, students to take tests online or offline, and administrators to analyze and report on how the program is performing against specific standards.