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Saint Elizabeth University Physician Assistant Program


Saint Elizabeth University Physician Assistant Program, located in Morristown, New Jersey, educates future leading health care professionals. The program’s mission is “to provide a collaborative, respectful, and spiritually enriched learning environment that educates PAs who are competent and ethical medical providers committed to high quality patient care as responsible members of the healthcare team.” The program consistently is educating model healthcare professionals.

The Challenge

In 2018, the Saint Elizabeth University Physician Assistant Program was in search of a test management system that would allow the program to create, assign, and analyze student exams. When introduced to eMedley’s examN application module, it became the solution to the challenge they were facing.

The Solution: Implementing examN

Saint Elizabeth University Physician Assistant Program customized the examN application module in eMedley to fit its specific program needs.

As the program was in search of a system that they could create, assign, and analyze exams, features within the examN interface became incredibly important. Features implemented within examN included:

  1. Question Bank Management: Used to manage, store, and organize questions into multi-level folders. Administrators could then search and pull questions from the banks to include on other tests.
  2. Assessment Management: Found within the test listing, administrators were able to create, edit, and assign exams all within the same interface.
  3. Test Assignment: Administrators could easily schedule exams to specific students or groups of them at a time, while setting time windows, test taking tools, and others.
  4. Offline and Online Test Taking: Students were able to download and take tests offline through the Lockdown Browser. The tests would submit automatically once completed and connected to the internet.
  5. Lockdown Browser: The Lockdown Browser prevented students from navigating away from the test, copying and pasting, and using keyboard shortcuts.
  6. Reporting: Reports gave administrators the ability to accurately measure student performance among different types of reports.

With these implementations, the program was efficiently able to test their students and precisely measure how well they were performing based on standards, scores, tests, and others.

Customizing the Solution

Later on in their partnership, Saint Elizabeth University worked closely with AllofE Solutions to implement customized features:

  1. Added a honor code statement and acknowledgement at the beginning of all the exams 
  2. Customized a message to pop-up before a learner starts or or resumes their test with an “I agree” button.
  3. Created a required security code for students for test reviews.
  4. Built custom reports to export short answers or practical exams.


As Saint Elizabeth University Physician Assistant Program continues to educate PAs committed to excellence and leadership, AllofE looks forward to continuing their partnership to support their education program needs with eMedley.