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Nova Southeastern University Nursing Program


Nova Southeastern’s Nursing Program, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, offers students the opportunity to advance the science of healthcare and the art of compassion, while giving an edge to students starting their nursing career. NSU is well known for its healthcare programs, and believes that it is important to give students individualized attention to ensure success within the medical field. Furthermore, the faculty’s experiences cover a variety of healthcare settings, giving students multiple perspectives to increase versatility. NSU’s nursing program offers enriching clinical experience and rewards students who demonstrate their time and commitment.

The Challenge

NSU’s nursing program needed a sophisticated and streamlined platform that could track clinical experience, manage documentation, and help with student requests for scheduling at clinical sites. Furthermore, the program wanted the ability for students to send in weekly preceptor signatures to a platform, so that this task could be done remotely. The University  needed an easy to learn, user friendly software accessible for students, faculty, and preceptors. eMedley modules were implemented to satisfy all of these needs. 

The Solution: Implementing eMedley

After careful consideration and research NSU nursing found Emedley to be the most comprehensive and intuitive system leading them to implement the eKeeper, eduSched, eCLAS, and eValuate applications. 

eKeeper was implemented to keep track of the program specific documentation requirements for students, clinical sites, and preceptors.   This allows students to submit requested preceptor documentation for review and approval.

eduSched was implemented for NSU to keep track of clinical sites and preceptor pairing. The eMedley team worked with NSU’s administrators to create a custom-built approval workflow for their Preceptor Request form. 

eCLAS was implemented to track case logs and time logs for students.  The eMedley system was configured so that students could quickly log their daily cases and time.  It was also setup to aggregate time data across the time logs and case logs so that the nursing program could track not only the quantity of time but also the quality of time.

eValuate was implemented so that NSU could track experience from both the Preceptor and Student perspectives.  The preceptor can evaluate student performance and the student can evaluate the preceptor and clinical site experience.

Customizing the Solution

With each eMedley implementation, AllofE is able to cater to unique and specific needs by implementing custom functionality.  The eMedley team worked with Nova Southeastern to implement the following customizations:

  • Set up a template for automatically generated preceptor certificates.
  • Set up a Mail Merge template for “Preceptor Thank You letter” to show how much the program appreciates each and every preceptor. 
  • Add custom interfaces to change text that shows up when searching for support.
  • Customize the Preceptor Request form to add in an approval workflow and support a multi-campus implementation.


As the Nova Southeastern Nursing Program continues their interdisciplinary approach to medical education, including collaboration between nursing students and those in other healthcare related programs, AllofE and Nova Southeastern look forward to continuing their partnership to support their education program needs with eMedley.

To learn more about eMedley, call 785-832-2900 or sign up for a demo.