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Who Are We?

We are a multifaceted and passionate group of individuals working together to create the very best solutions for Health Science Programs.  We are Allofe Solutions, continually and actively seeking out new ways to make managing your program’s goals easier, and we want to work with you to ensure that those goals are achieved. To learn more about AllofE Solutions, please visit our corporate site.

It’s All In The Name.

eMedley, simply stated, is a medley of solutions, meticulously designed to organize and analyze the immense amount of data and complex functionally a Health Science Education program needs. We created eMedley to function as the cornerstone of your program, bringing all aspects of student education together and supporting each with robust tools.

Ongoing Education

Maximize the value of eMedley for your program! We offer a wide range of foundational and advanced courses for administrators, faculty, preceptors, and students. Most courses are two hours or less and include hands-on activities. We can suggest training paths based on your needs and specific implementation. Learn from where you work or even from home through our instructor-led virtual courses. Or we can come to you to deliver training in person. E-mail us for more info.

  • University of Western States

    Tracking Student Experience and Performance.
  • Cedarville University

    By using AllofE’s system, the program is able to see performance on outcomes across courses and on ACPE topics from the beginning of the program until the end.
  • Bethel University

    The fully integrated health science solution suite allowed them to control and access their curriculum, scheduling, evaluations, and assessments all in one place.
  • Hartford University

    Through their automated correspondence with clinical sites, they can maintain relationships with the sites and easily request affiliations.
  • University of Oklahoma

    eClas gives students, admin, and preceptors an easy to use, web-based platform for loggin and tracking clinical experience.
  • University of Washington

    With records for the old and new curricula, they will be able to see what had been covered in the past, how it is being addressed in the new courses, and identify gaps with the new competencies for the courses.
  • Touro University

    The different components of their system integration allowed them to access and control their curriculum, testing, and experiential tracking all in one place.
  • Nova Southeastern University

    eCurriculum was tailored to fit (and then loaded with) Nova’s desired standards, courses and objectives, and each program’s rotation types, clinical benchmarks, clinical sites, preceptors, and the ICD-9 and CPT codes were built into eCLAS.
  • University of Nevada Las Vegas

    The UNLV SDM is using eCurriculum to manage standardizing each course director’s syllabus format and to run reports based on coverage of the school’s competencies.
  • Pittsburgh University

    Through eduSched automated scheduling, the school was able to review their schedule outcomes in several different views that made it easy to understand that they had received the schedules they were looking for.
  • University of Western Michigan

    Michigan had opted to be part of the product launch for OT programs. AllofE took the work of entering the course and standard alignment data into the system, so the reports were ready to run.
  • University of Baylor Dallas

    With the use of eMedley’s solutions, they were able to have one centralized system for students, faculty, and preceptors to connect.
  • Tulane University

    Using eduSched’s Schedule Builder and custom path-based scheduling, Tulane and AllofE worked together to create a system that maximized time and was easy to navigate.

In the Last 90 Days

eMedley users have…



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  • “Thank you for all your… guidance as we developed, and finally implementing our curriculum map! It was invaluable to me as we prepared for our recent accreditation visit. I … appreciate how quickly you responded to our many, many questions over the years.”

    -Cathy, University of  Colorado Denver 

  • “The capability, experience, and speed of [AllofE’s] response to our requests is truly incredible. They provided the context for a meaningful collaborative process that enabled us to see shortcomings and work towards improvements that we overlooked.”

    -Stefanie, University of Western States

  • “[AllofE] was able to take our hard copy forms and reports and create exactly what we need in electronic form! eMedley allows over 125 Community Based Internship faculty and over 225 interns to submit and approve monthly clinic paperwork electronically each month.”

    -Julie and Sadie, Northwestern Health Sciences University

  • “We needed to partner with a company that provided solutions and superior customer service. Four years after partnering with AllofE, we know we made the right choice. We highly recommend AllofE.” 

    -Brian, Touro University of Nevada

  • “AllofE got it from day one. We’d say, ‘Isn’t there a way to look at X?’ and AllofE would say, ‘Hey great. Let’s look at that.’” 

    -Bill, Nova Southeastern University

  • “At Pitt, we cannot say enough good things about AllofE. They have the most commendable customer service and were tremendously affordable.”  

    -Marnie from University of Pittsburgh

  • “eMedley has saved me a lot of time. I used to have to go to the fax machine, the mail, and my emails to compile all of the students’ forms from the preceptors. Now it’s just a couple of clicks and I’m there.”

    -Brian, University of Oklahoma

  • “We explored numerous companies a couple of years ago and ultimately decided on eMedley by AllofE. We just graduated our first cohort that used eMedley through the entire clinical year and I can tell you…This is a great product and more importantly a great Company!”

    -Patricia, South University

  • “It has been wonderful to work with AllofE. They have gone out of their way to ensure the unique needs of our institution have been accommodated. I have been thoroughly impressed by the customer service and support I have received by our implementation team.”

    -Rachael, University of Western States

  • “We are a program with a unique design which required additional patience and understanding on the part of the AllofE staff. These aspects, along with the prompt customer service was remarkable.”

    -Jeanie, University of North Dakota

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