University of Washington
School of Dentistry

Comparing New and Old

The Challenge

In order to continue providing students with an innovative learning experience, the UWSOD decided to completely overhaul their curriculum, but they did not have an easy or comprehensive way of comparing old and new curricula.

The Solution

With eCurriculum, they are now able to see what was covered in the past and how it is being addressed in the new courses. Now they can identify any gaps in their curriculum, to make sure they’re covering all the standards needed for accreditation.

The Story

UWSOD first heard about eCurriculum from the University of Michigan SOD and knew AllofE could help center their curriculum and competencies around the ADA’s CODA Standards.

The school asked faculty to define topics, competencies, teaching methods and assessment methods for each of their courses. The AllofE team then loaded that curriculum data and configured the system around their specific tracking requirements, allowing them to run reports analyzing their curricula.

Faculty can view the old curriculum, add courses for the new curriculum, as well as define new competencies and include how they are delivering content to students.

Application Used:

Project Highlights

course comparison

Unlimited Archiving

In eCurriculum, users can go back through the years to see what worked and where improvements had been made. They have the ability to track exactly what the students are learning alongside the nationally set standards to keep students and instructors on track for success.


Custom Standards Tracking

With eCurriculum, UWSOD was able to center its curriculum and competencies around the ADA’s Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) Standards. The application can tie any curriculum to any set of standards, competencies or objectives (ie. PCRS, ARC-PA, ACOTE), allowing users to easily track many different types of standards at once.  

Moving Forward

Over time, UW will be able to use eCurriculum to see how changes to their courses affect student performance and figure out the best chronology for their topics and competencies.

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