Tulane University
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Scheduling Clinical Rotations

The Challenge

Rotation schedules are complex, complicated and time consuming, Tulane wanted to change this and make it as streamlined as possible.

The Solution

Using eduSched’s Schedule Builder and custom path-based scheduling, Tulane and AllofE worked together to create a system that maximized time and was easy to navigate.

The Story

Tulane had been using the eCurriculum and eValuate modules of eMedley when they approached AllofE with a new challenge: How can we streamline our clinical scheduling process without losing flexibility?

3rd year students were scheduled into core rotations, while 4th year students finished up remaining core rotations and took electives. Each rotation had to fit with openings in the student’s current schedule, while also taking into account factors such as student preferences, preceptor capacities, and site.

Applications Used:

Project Highlights

3rd year Rotation Schedules

Once students have selected their preferred rotations, an automated process generates the optimal path for all students. Each student has the flexibility to start with any rotation, and Path Scheduling guides them through the rest of the program.

4th year Rotation Schedules

AllofE worked closely with Tulane to build and customize a new “Schedule Builder” within the eduSched application. This all-in-one builder creates a color-coded block schedule which allows rotation blocks to be easily added and removed. 4th year students must meet one-on-one with the registrar to plan their final year, and now those meetings are shorter than ever thanks to Schedule Builder.

Moving Forward

With eduSched, Tulane is now able to schedule all of their 3rd & 4th year students in a matter of hours. We continue to work together to streamline their administrative processes.

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