University of Hartford
Physical Therapy

Streamlining Alignments

The Challenge

With the release of new standards by their accrediting body,  Hartford needed to align the old curriculum with the new CAPTE Evaluative Criteria. They also needed to streamline the process of sending students to various clinical sites.

The Solution

Hartford used eCurriculum to show exactly how curriculum content is tied to CAPTE Evaluative Criteria and a combination of eKeeper, eValuate and eduSched provides all the tools they need to further streamline evaluations and clinical scheduling.

The Story

Hartford had been managing all their program’s information using a combination of internally developed databases, spreadsheets, paper forms, files, and documents, and needed a way to centralize all their information. With eCurriculum, Hartford faculty can now easily identify gaps and redundancy in their curriculum, as well as see exactly where and how a specific topic is getting covered.

A customized correspondence system also allows them to generate automated messages, making it easy to request affiliations and maintain regular contact with clinical sites.

Applications Used:

Project Highlights

rubric example

Automatic Reports & Reminders

eValuate shows which forms have not been completed and sends weekly reminders to both clinical instructors and students to ensure timely submission. The application can also generate detailed reports, organizing data by evaluation criteria, evaluee, evaluator, CAPTE criteria and more.


Tracking Expired Certifications

With eKeeper, both students and administrators receive automatic reminders of expiring certifications (ie. CPR and First Aid), ensuring students have all required immunizations and certifications before going to a clinical site. Administrators also receive automatic reminders of affiliation agreements and contract expirations with clinical sites.

Moving Forward

With eCurriculum, eValuate, eKeeper and eduSched, Hartford can now quickly access all the data, tools and reports they need in one place.

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