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eduSched is the schedule management module of eMedley that aids programs in the process of scheduling students into internal and/or external rotations. It supports both manual and automated scheduling, and allows programs to define rules, such as date range, maximum number of students allowed at a site, and total number of sessions required of students for each rotation. From there, it uses the rules to place students into their required and elective rotations through thousands of iterations to find the best fit for all students.

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eduSched eliminates the hassle of manually scheduling clinical rotations and courses with automatic schedule generation. Because eduSched uses evolutionary algorithms, it is able to run through all possible schedule iterations and select the best one in the shortest amount of time.



Basic Automatic Schedules

Allows users to define availability of preceptors and required rotations for students.

Advanced Automatic Schedules

Provided as a service to ensure unique program rules are incorporated to meet specific requirements and generate the most optimal result.

Planning Interface

Includes an interactive map of available clinical sites for placements that hinge on geographic factors.

Mail Merges

We know you send a lot of messages. Mail Merge throws out the tedious process of sending hundreds of personalized emails in favor of of sending one email and doing the work for you.

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Schedule Types


Preference Based Scheduling

Place students at sites based on preferences for time period, site, and preceptor.

Optimized Scheduling

Find the best fit schedule given specific rules and parameters such as limiting back-to-back rotations, ensuring timely patient care, and more.

Path Based Scheduling

Need students to rotate in a particular order or courses?  Path based scheduling allows you to define the paths and the capacities to track placement.


Color Coordination

Color-coded planning interface ensures students are scheduled into each rotation and period correctly.

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Rotation Formats

Supports various scheduling formats such as Block, Vertical, and Random rotations.

Student Groups

Organize students into lab groups for courses, project groups, or patient care groups. Schedule students from an entire group or use the group as a rule in automated scheduling.

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