University of Oklahoma
Dietetic Program

Minimizing Paperwork

The Challenge

OU was collecting preceptor evaluations via mail, email and fax from several different sources, and was having trouble keeping everything organized. On top of that, the program also had to analyze evaluations to see if students had achieved required competencies.

The Solution

eCurriculum’s Student Masteries feature helped automate the process of analyzing alignment with required competencies, while the Weekly Summary module within eClas generated reports analyzing each student’s weekly scores and clinical hours.

The Story

Students in the Dietetic program must complete several preceptor-evaluated studies and projects to show competence in several areas required by the ACEND, but manually collecting and analyzing every preceptor evaluation was incredibly time consuming for administrators.

After exploring eCLAS capabilities, they realized they needed options customized for Dietetics programs. The AllofE team analyzed their paper evaluation forms, custom-built the Weekly Summary module, uploaded their rubric evaluations and tied the evaluation criteria to the appropriate core competencies, all in eight weeks.

Applications Used:

Project Highlights

competency radar chart

Processes Simplified

At AllofE, we seek to simplify existing processes (ie. combining advanced reporting capabilities with a user-friendly interface)— not to modify the existing structure of any health science program. If there is a unique situation, the team will work to find an optimal, customized solution.


Automatic Reminders for Preceptors

Before eMedley, it was up to clinical coordinators to follow up with individual preceptors if they did not submit their forms with students’ assignments. Now the system automatically tracks and sends email reminders to preceptors to ensure preceptors submit evaluations and other paperwork in a timely manner.

Moving Forward

In its first year using eCLAS, the OU program was finally able to calculate students’ clinical hours without having to dig through reams of paper. “I used to have to go to the fax machine, the mail, and my emails to compile all of the students’ forms.” Clinical Coordinator Brian dela Cruz said, “Now it’s just a couple of clicks and I’m there.”

In addition, they could easily generate reports at the end of the semester to find each student’s scores on all performance-based assessments.

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