Cedarville University
School of Pharmacy

Analyzing Exam Effectiveness

The Challenge

Cedarville wanted the ability to analyze test results to see if students fully understood the topics and outcomes they had set out to teach.

The Solution

With the new ExamN system, instructors can give students in-depth exam reviews to help them fully master topics and outcomes they missed on previous tests.

The Story

The program had been using eCurriculum and eValuate to map where and how it was tracking ACPE Appendices, School Goals, and student performance on course outcomes and wanted to take it one step further. In order to gauge students’ progress on each learning topic, they wanted to replace paper-based review tests with an online team-based test.

The old system did not have a securely locked-down testing interface or a way to set testing time limits so AllofE ultimately built a new secure team-testing interface in ExamN, complete with exam analysis reports.

Applications Used:

Project Highlights

ExamN Data Dashboard

Students used to take an individual exam followed by a group exam to reinforce learning of assessed topics, using scratch-off cards to calculate teams’ scores. The manual, time-consuming process made results analysis difficult, but the ExamN program automatically assesses performance on ACPE topics and outcomes across all courses, and displays all metrics in an easy-to-read visual dashboard.

Question Types

Question Type Management 

The program needed to be able to manage and organize questions of all types, (such as multiple choice, open-ended, and performance based assessments), so AllofE custom-built it in, specially tailored for their needs.

Moving Forward

ExamN not only automatically grades multiple-choice and short-answer questions, but also generates detailed exam reports (ie. item analysis, reliability analyses, score correlations, competency data, etc) so instructors know how to improve future exams.

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