Western Michigan University Occupational Therapy

Comprehensive Curriculum Planning

The Challenge

In 2011, the American Occupational Therapy Association changed both the content and numbering of the ACOTE Standards. Western Michigan’s curriculum was mapped to the old standards, and needed to transition over to the newly released standards.

The Solution

After looking through eCurriculum’s alignment reports, faculty discovered they were missing some of the new standards. Since then, they have been able to take necessary steps to address any gaps, well ahead of the next accreditation site visit in 2019.

The Story

During the Summer of 2013, the program chair employed a graduate student to pore over each course syllabus to identify which ACOTE Standards were covered by their current courses, but there was still no easy way to see if anything was missing or not being taught in alignment with the new standards.

AllofE loaded all course objectives and ACOTE standards into the system, so by the time faculty started using eCurriculum in the Fall, all the alignment reports they needed were ready to run. 

As instructors and professors started seeing exactly how well their program was covering the standards, they became more engaged with the curriculum design process and began to think about how to improve their lectures. 

Application Used:

Project Highlights

Documentation for Site Visitors

eCurriculum not only provides a way to make sure programs are in alignment with accreditation standards, but also provides a way to show site visitors how standards are met. Users can upload tests, lesson plans or other documentation to show how their program meets required standards.

ACPE mastery

Inspiration for Improvement

As instructors and professors in the program started seeing exactly how well their program was covering the standards, faculty became more engaged with the curriculum design process and got them thinking about how to improve their lectures and instructional methods.

Moving Forward

The Western Michigan Occupational Therapy program is preparing a doctorate-level degree offering and plans to use eCurriculum to help design the new curriculum based on ACOTE Standards.

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