Pittsburgh University
School of Dental Medicine 

Automated Clinical Scheduling

The Challenge

Pittsburgh had been accustomed to a manual, clinical scheduling process that took over a month of focused effort. They needed schedule results in an easy-to-read format, but had difficulty finding a company that could accommodate the nuances of their scheduling rules.

The Solution

With eduSched automated scheduling, and a few adjustments based on their scheduling rules, AllofE helped the Pittsburgh team generate the schedules they needed for their students.

The Story

Marnie Oakley and the Pittsburgh team held a series of meetings with their AllofE project manager and implementation manager to define their scheduling rules, including timely patient care, D3 and D4 team matchups, number of students per rotation, and morning vs. afternoon availability. Oakley was reluctant at first, but was relieved to find AllofE spoke her language.

“At Pitt, we cannot say enough good things about AllofE,” Oakley has said of her experience to other dental schools, “They have the most commendable customer service and were tremendously affordable.”

Application Used:

Project Highlights

Color-coded Scheduling

eduSched tracks clinical site capacity and how many students are already scheduled at each site. With a color-coded interface based on location (ie. Inpatient Acute Care, Outpatient Hospital), it’s easy to see the types of experience students are getting, as well as schedule students at multiple locations in the same time period.

Schedule Customization

3rd and 4th year rotation schedules had another set of rules to follow, adding another level of complexity. EduSched can intelligently generate optimal schedules while also allowing manual adjustments to meet each school’s specific scheduling requirements.

Moving Forward

The University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine will continue to work with AllofE to generate schedules based on each year’s evolving requirements.

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