University of Nevada 
School of Dental Medicine

Simplifying Course Evaluations

The Challenge

The School of Dental Medicine had tried different systems for course and instructor evaluations in the past, but they needed a program intuitive enough that more people throughout the school would understand and use.

The Solution

The AllofE team configured eValuate to automate anonymous student evaluations, track non-respondents and send evaluation reminders to help improve response rates.

The Story

Having tried a number of different processes before approaching AllofE, UNLV already had very clear goals in simplifying the evaluation process. They needed to aggregate reporting related to response averages, courses, faculty and even sets of questions within evaluation forms.

Once AllofE understood all the specific details and reports the program needed, they got to work customizing eValuate to suit their unique needs.

Applications Used:

Project Highlights

Evaluation Analysis

eValuate has the ability to automate administration of evaluations, as well as accurately and efficiently analyze responses. Users get the greatest value out of their evaluations by breaking down the data to the fullest extent and reviewing evaluations at a higher level.

Curriclum Mapping

Curriculum Analysis 

eCurriculum generates several reports on curriculum coverage and helps users map out their curriculum to the standards, making it is easy to see exactly where improvements can be made to ensure the best possible curriculum is being taught across the board.

Moving Forward

UNLV had been using eCurriculum to help standardize course syllabus formats and to run reports to ensure each course covers all of the required competencies. Now equipped with eValuate, they are able to analyze course coverage and student feedback to further revolutionize the learning experience.

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