about examn

The culmination of a decade of experience with online testing, ExamN is an advanced web-based assessment system that is accessible anytime and from anywhere. ExamN allows faculty members to manage and administer tests, students to take tests online, and administrators to analyze and report on how the program is performing against specific standards.


ExamN saves you time, energy, and resources by automating your entire assessment process in a central online location. ExamN handles everything from the administration of assessments to the production of detailed reports based on the specific standards your program tracks. Each ExamN system is configured to meet the specific needs of our individual clients.

our clients

Forward thinking programs who want to do more with their assessments get the most out of ExamN. Our clients truly believe in being held accountable for all aspects of the learning process, realizing both the value of remediation in education and the value in being prepared for accreditation time.

featured functionality


Randomize multiple-choice answers, question order, and even page order with just a few simple clicks.

Question Alignments

Align questions according to your program’s standards, blueprints, and competencies, which come pre-loaded into ExamN.

Standards Analysis

Identify what standards have and have not been covered on a test by test basis.

Question Banks

Group together and store as many questions as you like in any way you like.

Data Export

Export exam results from reports and charts for further use.

Performance Rubrics

Use rubrics in ExamN to grade subjective or performance-based assessments.

Lockdown Browser

Secure tests and prevent students from opening other applications, copying questions, taking screen shots, and more.

Multiple Question Types

Create tests with a wide variety of question types.

Score & Question Adjustment

Adjust results for individual tests, questions, and students.

Performance Dashboard

Quickly see exam data at a program level or across classes, tests, and students.

Proctored Test Settings

Allow access to assessments only for those with a security code for proctored exams.

Test Item Analysis

Decide which questions are most effective and which questions may need revision.

Performance History

View how a student’s scores compare to class and program averages.

And More…

We have too many features to fit on one page – feel free to Contact Us for more information or your own demo.