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The culmination of a decade of experience with online testing, ExamN is an advanced web-based assessment system that is accessible anytime and from anywhere. ExamN allows faculty members to manage and administer tests, students to take tests online, and administrators to analyze and report on how the program is performing against specific standards.

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ExamN saves you time, energy, and resources by automating your entire assessment process in a central online location. ExamN handles everything from the administration of assessments to the production of detailed reports based on the specific standards your program tracks. Each ExamN system is configured to meet the specific needs of our individual clients.


Question Types

Can’t figure out the perfect way to format a question? Looking to add variety to the look of the tests you create? Love options? You’re in luck.

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Question Import

No need to worry about painstakingly recreating your existing test questions again. Directly import your existing questions to use in ExamN tests and reporting.

Performance Rubrics

Use the rubric builder directly within your tests in order to grade subjective or performance-based assessments, without needing any other system.
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examn dashboard

Performance Dashboard

Intelligent reports offer graphical displays that describe student performance over time, compared to class averages, or tied to competencies/standards, all with multiple filtering options.

Standards Alignment

Align test questions to your program’s pre-loaded standards and competencies to directly monitor students programs with reports on those same standards and competencies.


While seeing the numbers is pretty good, being able to visualize them is better. Graphs and charts display how a student’s scores compare from test to test, AND to class and program averages.

Test Item Analysis

Intelligent algorithms will help you decide which questions are the most effective, and which questions may need to be revised.


Lockdown Browser

If the case is that students should be doing nothing other than taking the test, the lockdown browser prevents students from opening other applications, copying questions, or taking screenshots while the test is open.
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Bubble Sheets

Don’t lose the option to take tests on paper when needed. Scan in paper bubble sheets to be uploaded straight to the test manager and be automatically graded by the system.


As a cheating countermeasure, multiple-choice answers, question order, and page order can all be randomized for each and every iteration of a test.
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