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Centralized access to documentation.
Scalable and customizable student, site, and faculty data and documentation management for health science programs.

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eKeeper is a centralized documentation management solution used to track information required for the accreditation process, clinical tracking, or just by the program in general. This includes everything from student, preceptor, and faculty documentation to affiliation agreements with external sites. eKeeper essentially works as a bottomless online file cabinet for all of the documents and files needed by a successful health science program.

Meet Technology.

Since eKeeper is cloud-based and password-protected, users can access documentation at any time and from anywhere. eKeeper eliminates messy paperwork and facilitates easy sharing and storage of information in one central, secure location. It also seamlessly integrates with our other health science solution systems, meaning that clients who use two or more of our products can enjoy instant access to document management across multiple systems.

Student Management

There’s no shortage of student information that can be tracked, including photos, commendations and concerns, immunizations, documentation, enrollments, and more.

Preceptor Management

With intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces, manage preceptor information such as credentials, license information, documentation, and more.

Clinical Site Management

Manage and track clinical sites and their respective affiliations, location demographics, logistics, and documentation management requirements. 

Affiliation Agreement Tracking

Centralize documents, expirations dates, and contracts with clinical sites into one place and receive automated reminders of expiration dates.

Student Access

Students can upload their own completed documents, view their own data dashboard, and generate reports such as My Sites and Preceptors Directory.

Student Document Hub

Centralize common documents that students need quick access to during their clinical years into one easy-to-access interface.

Permission Management

Control user access at a group or individual user level through data permissions.

Filtering and Reporting

Filter and sort your data with a variety of criteria to quickly print just the information you need for each report.

Export Data

Export or print your report results into a spreadsheet or other format for easy sharing and usage outside of the system.

Data File Uploads

Uploading existing student, faculty, preceptor, and clinical site data using predefined spreadsheet templates into eKeeper is only a few clicks away.

Information Directories

Generate comprehensive directories of information in your system, from preceptors that work with your program to clinical sites that offer your student experiental placement.

Automatic Notifications

Receive automatic notifications for evaluations, announcements, documentation expirations, and contract renewals, etc.


Student Portfolios

Students can create a comprehensive, multi-page portfolio to showcase their resume, clinical experience and more.

Managing Shared Data

Customize and manage key data points such as locations, student groupings, and course groupings to be shared across applications.

Student Portfolio Website

Students can publish a password-protected portfolio web site to share with prospective employers or residency programs to showcase key experience.

Course Requisites

Quickly and easily edit the prerequisites for any course in your system so everyone can have up-to-date information as your program changes.

Preceptor Application Portal

Automate the preceptor application process by allowing preceptors to complete the application online while automatically populating key data within eKeeper.

Ad-Hoc Reporting

Build custom reports with student, faculty, clinical site, or preceptor data using a comprehensive but simple interface with the capability to print or export results.

Preceptor Pay

Easily automate, manage, and track preceptor pay directly tied to your students’ clerkship schedules.

Graduation Reports

Generate an automated graduation report, snapshot, or facesheet for your students.

MSPE Automation

Use a wide variety of tools to easily create any aspect of the MSPE letter, from graphs and CV headers, to noteworthy characteristics.

Mail Merge

Pull contact information from all types of contacts (students, faculty, preceptors, site administrators) into the Email Merge module with built in mail templates.

Clinical Site Administrator Portal

Streamline communication and document sharing with clinical sites by giving the site administrator access to their own portal to view students scheduled at their site and related documentation.

Student Performance Dashboard

Centralize, summarize, and aggregate key data points for each student into one student snapshot.

Streamline your documentation management



Keep track of certifications, immunizations, regulations, trainings, and more for students, faculty and preceptors.

Approve and Release

Approve or deny documentation uploaded by students. Allow students to release approved documents to clinical sites and preceptors they are scheduled with.


Notify students, faculty, and preceptors when they have documentation that is about to expire. Also supports notifying certain administrators or assigned faculty.


Run reports to easily see expired documents or to view all documentation records and uploads of a specified type.

Quickly and efficiently create students’ MSPE letters


Create each MSPE letter, automatically generating relevant graphs from your integrations such as clerkship or coursework performance.


Allow students to enter their own Noteworthy Characteristics, then review and enter content as needed.


Pull in preceptor comments from eValuate , clinical schedules from eduSched, and grades from eduCATE with the ability to make modifications as needed.


Customize a common template for the MSPE letters with custom fields, default text, pre-populated placeholders, clerkship schedules, grades, custom CV headers and more.


Let students create their own portfolio sites



Students can pick what sections they want to display, depending on what they think makes the best page.

Showcase Experience

Students can display their resume, education, awards, and anything else they are proud of.


Pull in clinical data and summaries from eCLAS for students to showcase their clinical experience within the portfolio.


After customizing their site, students can publish it to be viewed by potential employers or other programs so they can promote themselves quickly and effectively.

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