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Clinical experience and time tracking.
Ensure students get the right quantity and quality of clinical experience.

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By eliminating paper from the equation, eCLAS streamlines the clinical logging process with features specific to your program. Cloud-based and accessible anywhere, eCLAS puts case logging, time tracking, clinical rotation scheduling, evaluations, and most importantly, incredible dashboards and reports in the hands of students, preceptors, and administrators whenever they need it.


Meet Technology.


Patient Tracking

Comprehensive, program-specific logging of patient cases throughout various settings.

Time Tracking & Approval

Keep tabs on how much time students are spending at sites, with patients, and consulting with preceptors

Student Experience

Students build and maintain comprehensive portfolios to showcase their experiences, credentials, resume, and more.

Diagnosis & Procedure Tracking

Ensure students gain exposure to ICD-10 and CPT codes with pre-loaded codes to track diagnoses and procedures.

Competency & Outcomes Mastery

Identify key concepts along with performance based competencies for clinical experiences to ensure program specific requirements are being met.

Approval Processing

Ensure accuracy and order with approval processing options for required documentation, accessible by necessary preceptors and administrators.

Expansive Reports

View and export case details, time sheets and competency tallies at a student or cohort level and allow students access to reports limited to their data.

Data Dashboard

Dynamic dashboards allow for slicing and dicing of data in multiple ways for strategic decision making.


Because eCLAS is cloud-based, access case logging information all in one place, anytime, anywhere.


Ad-Hoc Reporting

Case log ad-hoc reports created with your specifications ensure your program and students are meeting requirements and expectations.

Student Learning Agreements

Automate the filling out and evaluation of student learning agreements using a pre-defined list of competencies.

Reflection Essays

Automate the submission and tracking of each student’s reflection on their learning and experience.

Clinic Time Clock

Have students clock in and clock out when they are out on rotation to get a accurate logging of the timeframes they work.

Maternity Experience Tracking

Additional tracking related to maternity for items such as Apgar Score, pregnancy complications, and newborn procedures/complications.

Medication Tracking

Additional tracking related to medication, with dynamic fields for medications taken, prescriptions filled, and compliance issues with prescriptions.

Psychosocial Topics Tracking

Additional tracking related to psychosocial items addressed using pre-defined lists of topics and depositions. 

SOAP Note Documentation

Familiarize students with electronic SOAP (subjective, objective, assessment, and plan) note forms using tailored fields and criteria.

Mobile App

Our eMedley+ app, available for both Android and iOS, allows students to complete their clinical tracking using a phone or tablet device.

Customizable Fields

Choose what criteria to track and easily add custom fields to case logs and time logs.

Custom Forms

Our team of engineers will work with your program and build interfaces based upon the paper forms your program uses so you can modernize your clinical tracking.

Custom Reports

eCLAS includes a comprehensive set of reports, but our team can build additional custom reports quickly and cost effectively based on unique requirements.

Case Logs

Patient information tracking made easy, eCLAS’s Case Logs interface allows students to quickly input all of their patient’s information on any device at any moment. Furthermore, the fields can be customized to how your institution and clinical sites log patient information. Some general fields include:

Patient Demographics
Clinical Information
Setting Type
Procedures Performed




Track the amount, quality, and types of experiences students are getting cumulatively, per student, for a specific site, and more.


Aggregates all of a student’s experience data into one centralized dashboard that can be shared through the student’s web-based portfolio


Intuitive built-in basic reports as well as case log ad hoc reports to ensure your program and students are meeting requirements and expectations.

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