Social Work

eMedley includes tools for programs to schedule, document, and track student fieldwork experience and competencies mastered.
Social Work

Mapping to Student Learning Outcomes and CSWE Competencies

Competency Based Assessment and Testing

Social Work
Social Work

Fieldwork, Documentation, and Experience Tracking

Reporting and Data Analysis

Social Work

Social Work Focused Features:

  • Manage contact information, track documentation expiration dates, and get automatic reminders on required documentation updates.
  • Built-in tools to plan scheduling blocks, track planned vs. finalized site assignments, and publish schedules for students. 
  • Centralize all documentation and information related to fieldwork sites, logistics, credentialing, federal designations, affiliation agreements, and contract expirations (with automatic notifications).

  • Ensure that students are getting the right amount of fieldwork experience and time at each site.
  • Track documentation and assignments that are due while students are out in the field.
  • Track student performance, progress, and mastery towards CSWE Competencies.
  • Define required competencies and skills and track student progress towards completion.

  • Built in approval and review processes for assignments, time logs, evaluations, and assessments.
  • Generate comprehensive portfolios of student experience and competency mastery.

  • Map course content to preloaded CSWE Standards, Bloom’s Domains, Learning Environments, and Threads to identify Gaps and Overlaps in course instruction. 
  • Extensive reporting tools to help answer key questions related to: What are we teaching? Where are we covering specific standards and competencies? How are students performing related to what we are teaching? 
  • eMedley is designed to be extremely scalable, so each implementation includes custom functionality to meet a program’s specific needs.