eMedley for Medical Schools centralizes and supports all aspects of the Medical School curriculum including:

  • Physician Competency Reference Set (PCRS)
  • MeSH Terms
  • AAMC Curriculum Inventory
  • USMLE Content Topics
  • Core Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs)

eMedley helps Medical Schools manage and track curriculum for upload to the AAMC Curriculum Inventory, monitor student performance on assessments and evaluations, and manage every aspect of scheduling, documentation, and clinical experience tracking.

Curriculum Mapping

Map Program Objectives, Course Objectives, Session Objectives and more to the PCRS, MeSH Terms, USMLE Topics, Resources, Instruction and Assessment Methods, and more to track reinforcing content, Gaps, and Overlaps in course instruction.


Administer course and instructor evaluations, formative and summative evaluations, competency based evaluations, clinical site and preceptor evaluations, student performance evaluations, self-evaluations, and automated reminders.

Preloaded Standards and Codes

Let us know what you are tracking (PCRS, MeSH, USMLE, EPAs) and we’ll preload them in for mapping.

AAMC Curriculum Inventory Upload

AllofE is an AAMC Curriculum Inventory Participating Vendor.  eMedley supports annual upload of curriculum content from eCurriculum to AAMC.

Patient Encounter Logging

Students log experience with each patient related to demographics, diagnoses and procedures, competencies, and more.

Clinical Experience Portfolios

Custom portfolios with curriculum integration, competency tracking, data dashboards, and assignment submissions.

Affiliation Management

Centralize all documentation and information related to clinical sites, logistics, credentialing, federal designations, affiliation agreements, and contract expirations (with automatic notifications).

Time Logging

Ensure that students are getting the required amount of patient encounter time at each rotation site with the ability to track vacation and time off.

Clinical Scheduling

Built-in tools to plan rotation scheduling blocks, track planned vs. finalized sites and preceptors, and publish schedules for students.

Schedule Builders

Supports all schedule formats such as preference-based planning, lottery-based scheduling, optimization scheduling, track and path scheduling, internal and external rotation scheduling with capacity management and tracking.

Student Management

Manage contact information, track immunizations, upload documents, and manage training and certifications.

Competency Tracking

Define required competencies and skills and track student progress towards completion

Approval Processing

Built-in approval and review processes tied to patient encounter logs, time logs, and evaluations

Assessment Administration

Manage question banks, tests, and remediation while tracking student performance tied to specific Medical Topics.

Secure Assessment and Testing

Administer tests through secure Lockdown browser or device lockdown on the iPad with both online and off-line options.

Assessment and Evaluation Dashboards

Comprehensive dashboards to track performance on assessments and evaluations tied back to standards and competencies.

 Documentation Management

Manage affiliation agreements, site logistics and documentation, contact information, and automated Dean’s letters with automatic expiration reminders, mail merge, and schedule driven correspondence management.

 Credentialing Management

Track faculty and preceptor credentialing, license expirations and renewals, areas of specialty, and more with automatic expiration reminders.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Extensive reporting tools to help answer key questions related to:  What are we teaching?  How are students performing?  What experience are they getting?  Are we meeting our accreditation requirements?

And Much More

eMedley is designed to be extremely scalable, so each implementation includes custom functionality to meet a program’s specific needs.