eMedley streamlines the student management and outcome tracking processes for Schools of Pharmacy. It helps maintain and generate comprehensive portfolios of the student experience, learning, and competency.

Mapping to ACPE and CAPE Educational Outcomes

Track which courses, course objectives, fieldwork experiences are covering specific program outcomes and competencies to fill in gaps and identify redundancy across the curriculum.

Evaluation analysis
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Documentation, Affiliations, and Paperwork Management

Why settle for tests and evaluations when you could do that and so much more? One-of-a-kind advanced reporting within ExamN and eValuate offers new perspectives on student performance data til they graduate, allowing you to measure growth in a way that forms and tests cannot.

Student Portfolios and Experience Tracking

By the time students graduate, they’ll have incredible amounts of data associated with them, and eKeeper has been tracking all of it from their first day of class. With this data, generate complete, beautiful, and shareable portfolios with all experience tracking pieces built in.

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Scheduling Students into Experiential Rotations

eduSched covers a wide gamut of scheduling options for Pharmacy programs, from defining preferences to capacity tracking to automated scheduling, eduSched organizes and manages the entire process.

Other Features

Student Documentation

Manage contact information, track documentation expiration dates, and get automatic reminders on required documentation updates.


Administer evaluations for students, courses, lectures, and faculty.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Extensive reporting tools to help answer key questions related to: What are we teaching? How are students performing? What experience are they getting? Are we meeting our accreditation requirements?

Time Logging

Ensure that students are getting the right amount of fieldwork experience and time at each site.

Assignment Submissions

Track documentation and assignments that are due while students are out in the field.

Approval Processing

Built in approval and review processes for assignments, time logs, evaluations, and assessments.

Reflection Essays

Automate the submission and tracking of each student’s reflection on their learning and experience.

Learning Plans

Define required competencies and skills and track student progress towards completion.


Assessment and Remediation

Manage assessment items, tests, and remediation while tracking student performance tied to specific topics and outcomes. Students may take tests online, or download to their computer (with or without a lockdown browser).

Preloaded Standards and Codes

CAPE Educational Outcomes, ACPE Standards and Guidelines, ACPE Appendix B Topics, and custom program standards preloaded in.


Curriculum Mapping

Map course units, modules, and lectures to CAPE Educational Outcomes, ACPE Standards and Guidelines, and ACPE Appendix B Topics to track reinforcing content, Gaps, and Overlaps in course instruction.

…And So Much More

eMedley is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s designed to be extremely scalable, so each implementation includes custom functionality to meet a program’s specific needs.

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