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eValuate serves as a complete evaluation management and administration system for course, student, preceptor, clinical site, instructor, and other evaluations or surveys.

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Send us your evaluation forms and we’ll create them in eValuate where they will be easy to assign, perform, and report on.

Evaluation Types

Course Evaluations

Automate the course evaluation process to get student feedback on course content.

Instructor Evaluations

Allow students to evaluate instructor effectiveness along with the course evaluation process.

Student Evaluations

Anything from orientation surveys to preceptors evaluating an outstanding student is one click away.

Preceptor Evaluations

Preceptor data, like other forms of evaluation, is intelligently connected to our reporting systems, giving you immediate feedback.

Clinical Site Evaluations

Automate clinical site evaluations in order to get feedback from students, instructors, and preceptors on a common entity.

…And More

Customize or request your own evaluation type to generate feedback and assess student mastery on your own terms.

evaluation types


competency radar chart
evaluation bubblechart
evlaution dashboard
evaluation dashboard

Review Submissions

With intelligent algorithms, every submission of every evaluation can be viewed with just a few clicks.

Analyze Question Types

Rubrics, Open-Ended Questions, and Multiple Choice are now easily viewable in graphical form for any evaluation or evaluation type.

Evaluation Reporting

Generate detailed reports to view evaluation results at a student, preceptor, site, course, or instructor level. View results over time to analyze trends and identify areas needing improvement.

Student Mastery

Assess student mastery of competencies using standards driven rubrics.

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