about evaluate

eValuate serves as a complete evaluation management and administration system for course, student, preceptor, clinical site, instructor, and other evaluations or surveys.


Send us your evaluation forms and we’ll create them in eValuate where they will be easy to assign, perform, and report on.

our clients

We love working with programs that are truly focused on analyzing and improving their clinical and didactic curriculum to better the quality of education for their students.

featured functionality

Course Evaluations

Automate the course evaluation process to get student feedback on course content.

Instructor Evaluations

Allow students to evaluate instructor effectiveness along with the course evaluation process.

Preceptor and Site Evaluations

Administer mid and/or final rotation evaluations for clinical sites and preceptors.

Evaluation Reporting

Generate detailed reports to view evaluation results at a student, preceptor, site, course, or instructor level. View results over time to analyze trends and identify areas needing improvement.

Other Evaluations and Surveys

System supports multiple types of evaluations and surveys to generate feedback and assess student mastery.

Automated Reminders

System sends automated reminders based on rotation and course schedules so that evaluations are completed in a timely manner.

Student Mastery Evaluations

Assess student mastery of competencies using standards driven rubrics.

And More…

We have too many features to fit on one page – feel free to Contact Us for more information or your own demo.