about ekeeper

eKeeper is a centralized documentation management solution used to track information required for the accreditation process or just by the program in general. This includes everything from student and faculty immunizations to contracts and agreements with external sites. eKeeper essentially works as a bottomless online file cabinet for all of the documents and files a successful health science program needs to hold onto and access as needed.


Since eKeeper is cloud-based and password-protected, users can access documents and other files at any time and anywhere. eKeeper eliminates messy paperwork and facilitates easy sharing and storage of documents in one central, secure location. It also seamlessly integrates with our other health science solution systems, meaning that clients who use two or more of our products can enjoy instant access to all documents across multiple systems.

our clients

Most of our eKeeper clients have extensive student and faculty records and other important documents to keep track of– eKeeper removes the stress of filing and keeping track of the physical paperwork that goes along with running a successful health science program. Our clients are either highly organized and future-focused or simply looking to become so.

featured functionality

Preceptor Demographics Management

Manage information related to preceptors including credentials, site schedules, and more.

Immunization and Disease Tracking

Track required immunizations and date last administered for each student and faculty member.

Site Agreement Tracking

Include agreements and contracts along with renewal dates tied to each clinical site.

Automatic Notifications

Receive automatic notifications related to contract expirations and vaccination due dates.

Clinical Site Management

Manage information related to preceptors including credentials, site schedules, and more.

Faculty Information Management

Manage faculty credentials, license details, specialty areas, and more.

Student Information Management

Manage student information including photo, commendations and concern correspondence, and more.

Mail Merge

Manage correspondence with preceptors, instructors, lecturers, and students through built-in mail merge functionality for bulk email handling.

And More..

We have too many features to fit on one page – feel free to Contact Us for more information or your own demo.