about educate

eduCATE is a course administration and teaching environment designed for Health Science. It centralizes eMedley’s existing learning management tools, scheduling tools, curriculum management, and content management system modules into one comprehensive system.


Created with a highly scalable infrastructure, eduCATE is able to meet the specific needs of a Health Science Program while saving users time and energy. eduCATE brings together all of the eMedley pieces in a familiar way allowing instructors to do everything from starting discussions to administering high stakes exams.

our clients

For years our clients have been needing a learning management system made specifically for Health Science programs and we’ve delivered. They wanted something that was not only compatible with eMedley, but something that brought all eMedley functionality together in one centralized, adaptable way.

featured functionality


Keep track of student grades for every assignment type. Curve grades, weight assignment categories and import grades from external sources.

Integrate Exams & Evaluations

Post exams & quizzes from ExamN and evaluations from eValuate on the section feed for students to easily find and complete.

LTI App Integration

Incorporate other applications into the eduCATE feed for enhanced learning.


Post course or program announcements on the section feed for students to like and reply to.


Assign homework and quizzes straight from the eduCATE feed.

Student/Instructor Interaction

Help students learn and stay connected outside of the classroom with polls, discussions, collaborations, and web meetings.


Keep students up-to-date on any upcoming events, due dates, or tests.

Social Media Integration

For the tech savvy faculty and millennial students.

And More…

We have too many features to fit on one page – feel free to Contact Us for more information or your own demo.