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eduCATE is a learning management system designed for Health Science. It centralizes eMedley’s existing management tools, scheduling tools, curriculum management, and content management system modules into one comprehensive system.

Meet Technology.

Created with a highly scalable infrastructure, eduCATE is able to meet the specific needs of a Health Science Program while saving users time and energy. eduCATE brings together all of the eMedley pieces in the familiar learning management system way, allowing instructors to do everything from starting discussions to administering high stakes exams.



With the checkbox, selectbox, and radio-style poll types, gathering data on a course-wide opinion now doesn’t require any other platform anymore.


Group Chat style discussion boards integrated with Google make it impossibly easy for anyone to understand how to use them.


Attach relevant files, videos, or images for students to complete and turn in all in one place, with immediate feedback.


In one place, create and assign exams and quizzes, using our incredible test builder that allows for deadlines, time limits and much more. If you have the examN module, one click can import that to your feed for assigning.


Bring any evaluation from eValuate right onto the feeds of students, making it easier and more organized to complete.





with evaluation, test, and homework scores for each student all in one place, keeping track of so much data in one place has never been so comprehensive.

Instant Feedback

No longer do you need to spend hours refreshing your computer, waiting for the results of tests, homework assignments, polls, and evaluations.

Curving, Rescale, and Weight

While grading can be done automatically, full control means making any changes to any student or group of students for any item is well within your reach.



Give updates, attach files, assign tasks, talk about your weekend, remind students of due dates – create announcements chock full of features and extremely easy to post.

discussion notes


Stay connected with teachers and students anywhere in the world that has an internet connection with polls, announcements, discussions and web meetings.


Keep students up-to-date and on schedule with the module-integrated calendar that not only displays upcoming events or deadlines but provides reminders as well.

educate calendar
social media

Social Media

Tech-savvy users can integrate their social media feed directly into the course feed for those who prefer to keep their class updated via social media.

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