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eCurriculum allows programs to track the what, when, and how of classroom instruction by providing an accountability system for student learning. eCurriculum comes preloaded with the program’s specific competencies, accreditation standards, medical topics and more to track what is and is not getting covered in the curriculum from the moment students set foot in your program.

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We work with innovative health science programs across the country to ensure that their students are receiving the most state-of-the-art educational experience possible by providing solutions in everything from assessment to scheduling to evaluations, but all of those things depend on the perfect curriculum structure, and with eCurriculum, managing that structure has never been easier.



Overlap Reporting

See when and how much content is being covered related to specific competencies, standards, and disciplines across courses or across the entire curriculum.


Gap Reporting

Find out where competencies, standards, and topics are missing from a single course, an entire year, or all of the curriculum, and the exact places where improvements can be made.


Program Objective Mapping

Map high-level objectives and concepts to standards or map one set of standards to another for inherited alignment reporting.

Curriculum Structure

Customizable structure to match each programs’ individualized requirements and needs for maximum success.

Curriclum Mapping

Course Content Mapping

Map standards and competencies at any leve: course, course objectives or outcomes, sessions, and session objectives.


For your program’s pre-loaded competencies, standards, topics, etc., directly align the curriculum that meets the necessary requirements.



Create and manage course information in its entirety, generating course syllabuses with predefined required sections, and policies, along with additional content and management tools.

Sessions Calendar

In the always easy-to-use, intuitive calendar style, define sessions by session type and schedule directly onto relevant calendars for courses and cohorts.


An automatically generated website customized to your program not only creates a well-structured online course syllabus, but it also makes the accreditation review process extremely easy.

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