Patient Encounter Tracking Made Easy.


eCLAS tracks student experience at external and internal clinical sites and allows them to log detailed information related to patient encounters and cases such as: time spent, procedures performed, and competencies mastered.

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eCLAS streamlines the clinical logging process by eliminating paper from the equation. Cloud-based and accessible anywhere, eCLAS puts case logging, clinical rotation scheduling and evaluations in the hands of students, preceptors and administrators whenever they need it.


eclas competency tracking

Patient Encounter Tracking

Comprehensive logging of patient cases including patient demographics, setting type, and procedures performed.

Diagnosis And Procedure Tracking

Easily search pre-loaded codes to track diagnoses encountered and procedures experienced.

Time Tracking

Efficiently track how much time students are spending at sites, with patients, and consulting with preceptors.


Competency & Learning Outcome Mastery

Identify and track key concepts and performance requirements for rotations or clerkship experiences.

Performance History

View how a student’s scores compare to class and program averages.

Data Dashboard

Dynamic dashboards to slice and dice data for strategic decision making.

Ad-Hoc and Compliance Reporting

Intuitive built-in basic reports as well as case log ad hoc reports to ensure your program and students are meeting requirements and expectations.

examn performance tracking
examn dashboard




Allow students to build and maintain a comprehensive portfolio to showcase experience, credentials, resume, and more.


Approval Processing

Ensure accuracy through built-in approval processing for preceptors and administrators.

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