about eclas

eCLAS tracks student experience at external and internal clinical sites and allows them to log detailed information related to patient encounters and cases such as: time spent, procedures performed, and competencies mastered.


eCLAS streamlines the clinical logging process by eliminating paper from the equation. Cloud-based and accessible anywhere, eCLAS puts case logging, clinical rotation scheduling and evaluations in the hands of students, preceptors and administrators whenever they need it.

our clients

We have found that forward-thinking programs with complex clinical processes are best suited to use eCLAS.

featured functionality

Patient Encounter Tracking

Track¬†each student’s patient encounters and cases including patient demographics, competencies/skills, psychological and behavioral analysis, and more.

Reporting & Dashboards

Drill down on specific data elements based on students, preceptors, clinical sites, rotations, time logs, cases, diagnoses, procedures, competencies, and more.

Diagnosis and Procedure Tracking

Log diagnosis and procedure codes for each patient encounter.

Competency Tracking

Ensure that each student has logged cases in required competency areas.

Student Portfolio Site

Allow students to maintain a personal portfolio of experiences, certifications, and biographical information for the job search process.

Approval Processing

Ensure that student case management is accurate through built-in approval processing for preceptors and administrators.

Time Logging

View rotations and time logs for students, preceptors, or clinical sites.

And More…

We have too many features to fit on one page – feel free to Contact Us for more information or your own demo.