eMedley centralizes the management and reporting of student, clinical, and academic information. It streamlines process related to tracking student experience and performance, curriculum content, scheduling, evaluations, and more for Dental Schools.

Flexible Automated Scheduling with Complex Rules

Dental schedules involve a lot of complexity. Schedule rules like morning and afternoon availability, the equal experience between students, and site preferences with no work on your part. Automated Scheduling through eduSched handles all of the nuances of complex scheduling rules, providing rapid results in easy to understand visual representations.

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Align Course Content Exactly Your Way

Curriculum management is all about a school’s coverage of competencies. Dental programs use eCurriculum to align their courses, course objectives, and sessions to accreditation standards like CODA, Foundation Knowledge, and school-specific Program Objectives. The structure behind eCurriculum matches what you have.

Experience Tracking in Community Based Dentistry

As students gain real-world experience in the community they need to be able to track their experience. With program-specific logging, eCLAS provides a platform to individual student growth, while our reports give you the bigger picture to help your program ensure that students are getting the right amount of quality experience.

case log graph
student mastery

Competency-Based Evaluations

Rubrics are integral to any evaluation. Dentistry programs can align their rubric criteria to specific CODA or Program Competencies, then run reports to see radar charts and student performance in those areas.

Other Features

Student Documentation

Manage contact information, track documentation expiration dates, and get automatic reminders on required documentation updates.

Affiliation Management

Centralize documentation and information related to clinical sites, logistics, credentialing, federal designations, type of practice, affiliation agreements, and contract expirations (with automatic notifications).

Automated Scheduling

Optimized scheduling solutions automatically generate schedules for each student cohort (D2, D3, D4) based on defined parameters such as providing timely patient care, the equal experience between students, and more.

Time Logging

Ensure that students are getting the right amount of fieldwork experience and time at each site.

Assignment Submissions

Track documentation and assignments that are due while students are out in the field.

Approval Processing

Built in approval and review processes for assignments, time logs, evaluations, and assessments.

Curriculum Mapping

Map course units, modules, and lectures to CODA Standards, Foundation Knowledge, topics, and teaching methods to track reinforcing content, Gaps, and Overlaps in course instruction.

Procedure Reports

Students log procedures performed at external clinics for Community Based Dental Education Programs and Inter-Professional Education Programs.

Assessment Administration

Manage question banks, tests, and remediation while tracking student performance tied to specific Dentistry topics.

Mail Merge

Create both scheduled and regular mail merge emails with contact information from all types of contacts (students, faculty, preceptors, site administrators) into the e-Mail Merge module with built-in mail templates for.


Preloaded Standards and Codes

Let us know what you’re tracking ( Diagnoses, CDT Codes, CODA Standards, Foundation Knowledge and custom program standards) and we’ll make sure they’ are preloaded in.


…And So Much More

eMedley is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s designed to be extremely scalable, so each implementation includes custom functionality to meet a program’s specific needs.

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