Thank You To Everyone Who Attended!

We had a blast presenting, listening to your presentations, and most importantly, getting to know you!

Featured Presentations

Successful Sustainable Community Based Clinical Education Based on the D.I.M.M.W.I.T. process

-Howard Hamerink, DDS & Mark Fitzgerald, DDS, MS

Academic Program Assessment

-Jeanie McHugo, PhD, PA-C

Using ExamN for Team-Based Learning

-Becky Gryka, Phd, Pharm.D

Future of Health Science Education Systems

-AllofE Solutions

Insights from Icebreakers

  • “I have a three-legged dog.”

    -Dr. John Leard, on something people wouldn’t know about him

  • “Education is similar to teaching someone to fish. You can’t learn it from a book. You have to teach the skills beyond the book.”

    -Rachael Pandzik

  • “I wanted to appreciate a red square on a white background.”

    -Meredith Baines, on her favorite college class

  • “I went to a dental school to get my teeth cleaned when I was five years old and I’ve wanted to be a dentist ever since.”

    -Dr. Margo Melchor, on what got her into Health Science

  • “A medical library librarian… kept pushing him towards it.”

    -Pete Breitinger, on what got her into Health Science

  • “I started out in dental school before I went into optometry.”

    -Dr. Bill Miller, on something people would be surprised to know about him


Thank you to all of our presenters!

The Party Is Just Getting Started

With the success of our last conference fresh in our memories, we’re busy making sure that next year is even bigger and better.