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University of Tennessee College of Medicine


With campuses in Memphis, Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Nashville, Tennessee, the University of Tennessee College of medicine “aims to improve the health of Tennesseans and our society as a whole by providing an exceptional and nurturing environment for the education of students and physicians, by contributing to advances in medical science, and by providing health services of the highest quality.” The college of medicine has over 600 current medical students and over 1000 residents and fellows in 84 GME training programs. They focus on four areas of education: classroom, clinical, research, and service.

The Challenge

In 2018, the University of Tennessee COM was looking for a more efficient way of managing the administrative duties of the school. They were looking for a powerful system that could help with automated clinical scheduling and curriculum mapping while integrating seamlessly with grading and clinical tracking.

The Solution: Implementing eduCATE

The University of Tennessee COM decided to implement several eMedley modules to benefit from their automatic integration; they chose eCurriculum3 for curriculum mapping, examN for secure testing, eduCATE as their learning management system, eCLAS for clinical experience tracking, eduSched for automated scheduling, and eValuate for evaluation management. 

When they implemented eMedley, the school was looking for a new learning management system (LMS), and chose eduCATE. Not only would eduCATE automatically integrate with the other modules that they were implementing, saving them more time, but the system itself is powerful and intuitive. From the gradebook’s custom grading scales and calculated columns to the aggregate reports available in the dashboard, the system’s features led the University of Tennessee COM to decide that eduCATE was the best platform for them.

Customizing the Solution

After eMedley was implemented, AllofE remained available and eager to continue to help the school customize the system for their needs. As they used the system and discovered new ways that it could further streamline their work, the eMedley product team implemented the following customizations: 

  • Email confirmation of assignment submission to students 
  • Several gradebook customizations, including the ability to copy the gradebook setup from another section, the ability to cap calculated columns, custom columns and custom calculated column capabilities 
  • A custom interface within eduCATE that allows administrators to input and edit data about clerkship experience that is then used for calculations in the gradebook and reports
  • Custom options for assigning the students to sections that will not be part of the reports that students receive


The University of Tennessee College of Medicine continues to produce high-quality physicians, medical advancements, and quality of care. AllofE supports their work in these areas by helping to customize their solutions and offering consistent support as our partnership continues.