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Bethel University Physician Assistant Program


Located in McKenzie, Tennessee, Bethel University Physician Assistant Program is creating “opportunities for members of the learning community to become exceptional and compassionate healthcare professionals.” As the program has maintained an accreditation with the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant, Inc., they are highly advanced in the education field. The program is building empathetic and intelligent young professionals, ready to “practice medicine within an ethical framework of Christian principles.”

The Challenge

In 2017, Bethel University Physician Assistant Program came to AllofE Solutions looking for a powerful and customizable learning management system. They needed a system in which instructors could plan, communicate, and grade all in one interface. Specifically, Bethel University PA’s program was looking for an easy way for faculty, students, and administrators to communicate. eduCATE became the perfect solution for the challenge they were facing.

The Solution: Implementing eduCATE

Bethel University Physician Assistant Program customized the eduCATE application module in eMedley to fit its specific needs. 

eduCATE was implemented into Bethel University’s PA Program as the learning management system. The Assignments, Gradebook, Communication, Mobile App, Attendance, and Planning components were all critical for the implementation.

eduCATE gave Bethel University PA the platform to assign discussions, assignments, and exams to its students easily through one centralized location. Assigning grades became a simple task for the program as the powerful eduCATE Gradebook was included in the implementation as well. Easily customizable and user-friendly, the Gradebook helped save time and reduce grade related stress for faculty within the program. Along with the Gradebook feature, administrators could plan lessons and assign coursework within the interface.

eduCATE gave Bethel University PA different ways of communicating such as direct replies through the course feed interface, host discussions, and secure messaging. The program was able to foster a classroom community online and provide a way to connect with others. Another important aspect of the course feed was announcements. There, faculty could send out announcements to all students or a select few. This communication system gave administrators and their students an easy way to interact with each other. It became the program’s centralized location for discussion, announcements, and posts.

Customizing the Solution

Later on in their partnership, Bethel University Physician Assistant Program worked closely with AllofE to implement customized features to fit their program’s needs including:

  • Secondary Comments: AllofE customized a way for students and faculty to reply without a limit to secondary comments within the discussion board interface in eduCATE.
  • Attendance: The Attendance interface was customized to give more options for student attendance status.
  • Documentation Upload: AllofE designed a way for the program to upload multiple documents simultaneously into the eduCATE interface, for ease and saving the faculty members time.


As Bethel University Physician Assistant Program continues to educate compassionate, brilliant health care professionals, AllofE looks forward to the continued partnership and support of their education program needs with eMedley.