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Gather all your critical data in one centralized, academic intelligence dashboard. From admission scores to test performance and shelf exams. ei3 serves as your one-stop data shop.


Data is only useful when it is accessible. The power of ei3 is bringing together a diverse compilation of data to not only look beautiful, but allow programs to discover what lies in the data they are already collecting.


Let ei3 do the data mining for you. Then you can make the actionable decisions, interventions, and changes to achieve a higher level of excellence.


360° Overview

Get a broad overview of your program’s performance in courses, rotations, evaluations, and national examinations using interactive charts. Learn more.

General Information

Examine a student’s basic information, such as current cohort, date of birth, matriculation year, expected graduation year, and enrollments through a single page.


Like our other products, ei3 is built to be customizable to fit the needs of your particular program. Learn more.

National Exams

Store results from national examinations, like the MCAT and COMAT, and view the data on a per student or cohort level.

Didactic Analysis

Compare a student’s grade to the class average for the courses a student is scheduled in. Easily view the breakdown of assignment and examine grades with a single click.

Clinical Analysis

View the dates, rotations, preceptors, and clinical sites a student has been scheduled in during their clerkship. Supports grading the rotation based upon the evaluations filled out on the student.

Evaluation Analysis

ei3’s Evaluation interface allows for detailed reporting of evaluations filled out about a student and by a student. Learn more.


Track and analyze the percentage and number of days a student attended a course, along with the number of excused and unexcused absences and tardies.


ei3 is designed to work the same whether you access it on a desktop computer, tablet, or phone and will scale to the screen size.

Data Import

Our simple to use Data Import interface makes it easy to import academic history and national examination data using a spreadsheet format like Excel.

Academic History

See the full picture of a student’s past academic performance by tracking the institution, degree, GPA, class rank, and more.

Student Notes

Leave comments about a student using a thread-based format that allows for responses to create chains of conversations.


Evaluations Grouped Listings

Grouped listings make it easy to find the scores and details for particular forms or types of forms.

Evaluations View Questions and Responses

View questions, responses, and scores for each completed evaluation in a clean table format.

Evaluations Compare

Compare the question scores for the same form across all evaluations to easily determine where a student needs improvement.


Visualize Scatterplot

View didactic and clinical course performance using a scatter plots that make it easy to identify courses with low scores. Pull up breakdown of students and scores for course by selecting the dot.

Visualize Scheduled Rotations

View the number of scheduled rotations per month using a colored grid that makes it easy to determine which rotations are scheduled the most and when.

Visualize Average National Examinations

View average national examination scores across cohorts using a bar chart to compare the strengths and weaknesses of each cohort of students.


Customize Panels
Customize Data Import
Customize Create Panels

All panels can be customized to easily support additional fields or columns for your program.

Our National Examinations and Data Import are setup to work with any test data that can be imported in a spreadsheet format.

Not seeing the info you care about? We will work with your program to create functionality for your needs.