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Looking for Support? Look No Further.

  • Primary system administrators have access to a robust ticketing and feature request system to solicit help and new custom functionality from our in-house technical support staff and development teams.

  • Both University and non-University staff will contact the University’s eMedley Support Contact for assistance. This name and email is provided in the system.

  • Personal technology issues can be directed towards the University’s IT department. eMedley assistance is provided to students by the University’s eMedley Support Contact. This name and email is provided within the system.

Learn Our System Inside and Out.

  • Learning our system should be a breeze. That’s why we offer a wide variety of training courses(available here) specifically designed to get you running with eMedley in a matter of days. Need even more help? We also offer personalized one-on-one training for administrators, able to sign up through the eMedley support system.

  • Maximize the value of eMedley with a wide range of foundational and advanced courses for administrators, faculty, preceptors, and students. Courses are generally two hours or less and include hands-on activities. We can suggest training paths based on your needs and specific implementation. Learn from work or home through our instructor-led virtual courses. E-mail us for more info.