physician assistant

Tailored solutions for PA programs to track curriculum, assessment, and patient encounters based on ARC-PA requirements…


Map curriculum to CODA standards and track student experience using Test Cases, Reflection Essays, and other tools.

physical therapy

Track curriculum, student evaluations, performance, and experience tied to CAPTE Evaluative Criteria…


Preloaded with Essential Skills, NCLEX Blueprints, and other standards for curriculum, assessment, and clinical tracking…


Curriculum, assessment, and experiential tracking tied to CAPE Educational Outcomes, ACPE, and more…

occupational therapy

Gauge student learning and effectiveness based on primary and secondary objectives convering the ACOTE Standards and NBCOT Exam Blueprint….


Tie curriculum content to the NBEO, ACOE, and ASCO standards and competencies and track related outcomes….


Comprehensive curriculum management, experience tracking, testing, and scheduling platform for schools of medicine.

allied health

Don’t see your program here? eMedley is configured to the specific needs of any allied health program…