Baylor Dallas Dietetic Internship Program

The Challenge

Baylor was facing difficulties scheduling students in different rotations, tracking preceptor capacity, and receiving and tracking homework submissions.

The Solution

With the use of eMedley’s solutions they were able to have one centralized system for students, faculty, and preceptors to connect.

Providing an atmosphere to apply and augment knowledge…

The Dietetic Internship Program at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas prepares their interns to function as dietetic professionals. The faculty at Baylor makes it a key part of their program to give individual training to each one of their interns.  This is clearly evident, as for the past five years they have had an 89% pass rate on the registration examination.

The Baylor Dietetic Internship Program reached out to AllofE based on a referral from another Dietetics program.  They wanted to streamline a number of disaggregate and manual processes. From the curriculum side they needed a centralized way of receiving and tracking homework submissions from their students. At Baylor University, preceptors play a key role in student education so it was important to have a system that allows preceptors to review and approve these student submissions and also upload their own documents for student access. They also needed a way to schedule their students into different internship experiences and track capacities, spots filled, and spots available.

The Approach

AllofE implemented eKeeper so that the program could keep track of the Student, Site, and Preceptor information and documentation.  eduSched came next with the ability to manage and track preceptor capacity and schedule students into their internships.  Then eCLAS was implemented to allow students to submit weekly summaries and assignments for approval by the preceptors. 

Giving feedback was a key piece for Baylor University. To meet their needs, their paper-based forms were transformed into web-based forms in eValuate.   These forms were connected directly to the schedule to automate the evaluation and assessment process.

Baylor Dallas
Baylor Dallas

The Outcome

By using the eKeeper, eduSched, eCLAS, and eValuate applications from the eMedley solution suite, Baylor changed the way they managed clinical rotations and assessments in their Dietetic Internship Program. Preceptors, administrators, faculty, and students now all have a connected system with many solutions to help students succeed.

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